The Diary Game Season 3 (06-02-2021) || A Cleanup Day


I don't usually I have a productive day but today, I guess, I could say I am a little productive.

When I got out of bed, I went straight to feed my bunnies and then, I went to open my makeup drawer and saw that it really was such a great disaster.


before cleaning up

I swear, I keep organizing and arranging them but usually after a week, they turn into a complete disaster. As you can see in the photo, all the stuff are just gathered up all together and even a lot of trash going on, too. Well, I am not the only person who uses this drawer (I hope I am just the only one) - my brother and my sister uses it too.

Seeing how messy it was, I decided to do a clean-up. It may seem like a very easy task to do but surely, it is so time consuming.


after cleaning up

After cleaning up, this is how it looked like! See? It look a lot more neater and organized - now, I could easily find the things I need.

Afterwards, since I had already started cleaning up, I then proceed to cleaning up my makeup brushes.


before cleanup

First, I still let them soaked in water mixed with Ariel detergent powder, a little bit of vinegar, and a little bit of oil. Usually, I use Johnson's baby shampoo for this instead of the Ariel powder but today, I didn't have them so I ended up using what we got here. And guess what? I think this actually works a lot better than the Johnson's baby shampoo!


after cleaning up

As you can see, the makeup brushes looks so clean now and I love that I couldn't see the pinkish-red color stain from the blush that I use. Before, when I use the Johnsons baby shampoo, I could still see a bit of those color situation but with the Ariel powder, WOW! They are completely gone and my brushes seem to look like they are new again. :)

For now, I need to let them dry overnight or, if it will still not get dried tomorrow morning, I'll have to put it outside under the heat of the sun to help it dry faster.

You might be wondering why I have a lot of makeup brushes so, let me tell you why. I brought a lot of makeup brushes since each one of them has different uses and I wanted to have two of each kind so that when I have to clean it, I still have some backup I could use because you see, it takes a long time for it to dry.

Okay, so when I finished cleaning up, it was already time to have my classes.


So, here's me taking a selfie before class :D

Right now, as I am writing this, I just finished my classes and I will be giving food to my bunnies and do my skincare and go to sleep. :D

So, yeah, that was how my day went.

And, one thing I learned today is:

A simple cleaning up can actually boost one's mood. Seeing organized and clean things can simply make you happy. :)

How about you? How was your day? :)

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