The Stepford Couple - Haiku - Sincerely Hoping I'm Wrong

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The Stepford Couple
At the center of it all
Our White House disgrace

Yeah, Jared and Ivanka.

They talk a good game, about being above it all, and following their own ethics and morals, in the absence of any evidence that they have any ethics or morals, and/or are actually acting as they say they are, by which I mean acting in the interests of others, rather than for themselves.
hope and pray they are sincere. In the absence of any evidencece that they are actually doing so. Orfor that matter, any evidencnce to the contrary
, aside from numerous sources pointing to a habitual breaking of laws.
et'st say, I have my doubts.

Having come of age in the 1970s, Jared and Ivanka, and how apropos that the media always phrase it as Jared and Ivanka, and never as Ivanka and Jared, are the perfect Stepford couple.

I am, of course, referencing ing the 1972 Ira Leviok, and later film, "The Stepford Wives," not to be confused with the later Nicole Kidman film of the same name, which bears little resemblance to the original.

The Nicole Kidman remake, while superficially fun, bore little resemblemblance to the excellent and disturbing original film, sing Katharine Ross, Paula Prentiss and Tina Louise, which was smart, savvy, insightful, telling, and ultimately, terrifying.

And, of course, as a 70s woman, my own take was that any man who found the Stepford version of his wife superior (not to mention his children) was, in and of himself, ultimately lacking, in every possible way.

Kind of like Jared. And his father-in-law Trw Trump. Not to mention Trump Junior. Entirely.

shouote now, with due respect, that the original film "The Stepford Wives" was horror/satire, which is a small genre even now, and was even smaller at the time. So it is perhaps understandable that the more nuanced parts of the film went unnoticed by by the general public arge.

But, growing up in Los Angeles, in the shadow of the film and entertainment industries, it did NOT go unnoticed in L.A., and became one of the most talked-about films of the year, and ultimately, of the decade.

Frankly, I never thought of it as a feminist film, but more as a cautionary tale, since Hollywood - and America - have long been known for men who are in it for themselves, and more than willing to leave their wives, children, and anyone else they consider collateral damage, in the dus dust.

If nothing else, the #metoo movement has thrown that into stark relief.

Kind of our criminal president, who has been in it for himself for decades, informing the actions of the Stepford couple now acting without any experiperience, education, or training, as his so-called "senadvisevisers" in the White House. Uh huh.

readt night and today of the possibility that Jared Kushner actually greenlighted the Saudi crown prince to kidnap Jamal Khashoggi,, as repo by the British press, and while reprehensible and shocking, I cannot honestly say that I am surprised.

The Trump family, and their hangers-on, such as Kushner, have made it clear for years that they care not a whit about anything or anyone but themselves, much as Trump himself.

Which is why, categorically, I have no, and will NEVER have any, respect for ANY of them or their iir ilk.
They are utterly lacking in honor.


They are beneath my notice, because they have committed themselves to causes that I consider to be beneath anyone's notice, who actually has any morals or ethics. They clearly have neitither.

I was in fact pleased that Kushner, Ivanka and Don Junior will have to attend court ordered charity classes, to ensure that they actually know in future hoe=w a charity is supposed to be run, in other words not as they did run the Trump Foundation, by using it as a convenient checkbook for whatever the heck they wanted to spend money on, and the heck with the intent of the donors.

While ev the original source acknowledges that they are not entirely certain about their s sources' veracity or accuracy, I trusthem far more than I trust Trump or his administration, which as a patriot, speaks volumes about how low this administration has alreadydy gone.
They reached the basement years ago, and keep digging. And diggging.

As for Tp himself, I have little doubt that he and his views will help no one, because he cares nothing for anyone but himsimself.

Which haeen true from the start. As he has proven time and time again.

He doesn't even seem to give a crap about his kids, with the sole exception of Ivanka, because he thinks she's hot.

I can't even begin to state how I would have felt if my dad had ever treated me, and/or touched me, in public, the way Trump has consistestently treated and touched daughter IvaIvanka. I would have been entirely creeped out.

rom hstandpoint, she seems to take the standard "avoiding the abuser" sidestep, which is understandable, but the whole situation is still entirely way beyond creepy.

Those of of you still supportiTrump in this situation: I double dog dardare you:

or a g, hard moment, muster the courage to look yorselves DIREECTLY into your own eyes in he mirror.

My guess is you'll break eye contact pretty quickly, because you'll feel ashamed. As well you should.

I know I would, if I was defending this creep. There is nothing defensible in his actions. NOTHING.

I have ZERO respect for this administration, or anything they stand for. And, if you actually look into their actions, using sources other than 666 (FOX) News, I daresay you'll ultimately agree.

Be proactive. Do your own ressearch.
Use sources outside the United States of America.

all t theut for their NUMEROUS and ONGOING crimes.


I am an Amermerican. I am an Independent. I am a RIOT. I will ALWAYS resist Trump and his criminal cohorts.

I forgive him, I pray for him, but that said, I still believe that his rightful place is in priprison. For the rest of his nal life.

With his hthree eldest kids.

They can have their own Trump wing at Guantanamo.

Life is wonderful, and getting better, better and better.

And part of t is being responsible enough to call outout those who are making life ha harder and more onerous for evere around them, because they are cluelueless and/or amoral and don'a and/or because they carcare only for themselves. Like Trump and his ilk.

The above photo I took of our then-puppy, Lolo, when he was but a few months old. He has been one of the best dogs I've known, but then, all dogs are. He is a lovely boy.

Trump, on the other hand, doesn't like dogs, and as the old saying goes, if a person doesn't like dogs, I wonder about the person.

If a dog doesn't like a person, I totally trust the dog.

My own opinion is that Trump doesn't like dogs bese dogs see through to your soul, and they innatelyely knthat he's complepletely full of shit and not to be trusted.

Dogs are amazingly good judges of character. And Trump HAS no character.

For the record, I do my best to avopolitics in my writing, but wh when I ran across a report last night, about the likelihood that Kushner (already essially a lawbreaking nonentittity in his own right) had possibly greenlighted the arresrest of Jamal Khashoggultimately lead to his gruesome murder, r, it got to me.'m human, I care, care, and therefore I'm vulable. I care about what happens to ple and to our planlanet.

I care enough to vehemently hope that people like Kushner don't have this kind of influence, as he seems to be entirely not up to thethe task, having no moral compass, and evidently, a nonfunctional sense of right and wrong.

For those who are triggered by politics, I apologize, and as said before, I try to avoid them when possible. But sometimes, such as tonight, I feel compelled to call out those who are acting to subjugate others to their will.
And, I'm sorry, but Ivanka and Jared Kushner really do look like Stepford people. Watch the original film and tell me that I'm wrong.
leaselp us all to a better place, to a better world, to a better environment, free from all that the Trumps Trumps and heir cohorts have condesecrated to this point in history.

I love them, I forgive them, I pray that they get their heads out of their collective *sses, but I don't trust ANY of them as far as I could throw the Empire State BuState Building.
Grand Canyon.

And so it is.

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06.11.2019 08:41

I never knew, I mean over in this part, we never knew this side of the story.
I am sure he and his will be handled well by his own karma.

08.11.2019 23:35

I'm strongly inclined to agree, as in the end, it catches up with us all.

09.11.2019 00:06

I was reading this nodding along wondering... why the dog? And then I read Trump doesnt like them. OH THE HORROR!! Seriously, if I loathed the man before (which I don't really, coz like you, compassion blah blah) I do now. How could you not like dogs? I am definitely a dog person. Xx

Posted using Partiko Android

09.11.2019 19:16

Yeah, pretty much every time the man opens his mouth, or I read something new about him, I find something else not to like.

He just really has nothing going for him, outside of being a wannabe, and seems to be a pretty reprehensible person at that, loyal to no one and nothing, unless it serves him directly.

Frankly, I wasn't surprised that he doesn't like dogs. Dogs recognize bullshit artists from a mile away.

He wouldn't stand a chance.

10.11.2019 06:10