Writers on the Storm...

"The Lord God has given Me the tongue of disciples,
That I may know how to sustain the weary one with a word."

- Isaiah the Prophet -

This poem is dedicated to @sunravelme.

Thanks, friend, for the encouraging word.

The Well... So very dry.... ~ Image courtesy of Maria Krasnova

~Writers on the Storm~

by Duncan Cary Palmer

**The Well...
So very dry.
Sadly awry.
What to try?

Weary, worried, wondering, Why?
Where shall I fly to be renewed?

Long time, no words.
Energy depleted.
Spark gap defeated.
Frustration repeated.

No breath, blind,
Perish the thought
That thought perish...

Jump start me!
Make me crackle,
Bring me to life.

As I grumble,
Thunder rumbles.
Fresh, moist breeze,
Sweet friend breathes life,
Rousing verbal stormwind.

The torrent breaks,
Overtakes, motivates,
Quickening, vivifying!

For readers unborn,

Twenty three syllables inspire,
Kick-start my brain,
My fingers, animate.

Keys rebound.
Words appear.
I appreciate.



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Table of Contents


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Thanks for your time and attention.
You are why I'm here on Steemit!
I have very eclectic interests and hope, over time, to write about them all.


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12.10.2019 21:43

The poem almost sounds like an Android coming back to life. Energy depleated. Crackle, thunder, lightening. Activate. Animate.

Posted using Partiko Android

12.10.2019 23:52

{Large smile!}

There have been days when I've felt very much like an android... ;)

Thanks, friend, for the lovely feedback. :D

13.10.2019 00:17

Little fragments work in place to create a poem like a puzzle waiting to be discovered. Thanks @creatr PS Your title reminds me of Riders On the Storm. A play on the title of the old song?

13.10.2019 03:27

Thanks Troy...

Yes, that was intentional...

13.10.2019 03:49

For some reason I've been thinking a lot about you - and really missing you on Whaleshares. Glad to connect again - trying to get back to posting on Steemit

14.10.2019 08:07

Hello!, my dear friend!

Thank you so much for dropping by and for your encouraging words. <3

I need and want to write, but have been trying to make ends meet, and rather disheartened lately. I hope to get back to Whaleshares as well, as I do have much more to share and lots more to say.

Thanks again for saying "Hi." I've missed you and other friends too... :D

14.10.2019 17:55

See my comment on your earlier post, Creatr, to find out why I'm hesitating to vote on this one. My vote seems to decrease your payout...annoying!

Guess we all go through those dark nights of the soul and having to cope with the eternal commercial aspect of life, making and earning a living, adds to our angst. But you need to write, my friend - just don't inhale - breathe out those words - as Tennyson says, they shouldn't fust in you unus'd.

15.10.2019 18:55

Once again, John...

Thank You for the encouragement to keep writing... :D

And I'd say, please just go ahead and vote for my posts; who knows what's going on? I'd just as soon see your John Hancock in the list of voters and not worry about the payout! ;)

16.10.2019 01:11

ha ha, okay, my friend - will do!

16.10.2019 01:17


This "commercial aspect of life" may be infernal, but is surely isn't eternal (although it seems that way at times). Jesus/God will come and reset the universe in due time, after which we will be able to pursue and exercise all our gifts without worrying about where the next meal is coming from... :D

16.10.2019 01:13

I agree, my friend - Come, Lord Jesus

16.10.2019 01:32

...a better quote for you from Hamlet 4.1 .

Sure he that made us with such large discourse
Looking before and after, gave us not
That capability and godlike reason
To fust in us unus'd

Tennyson too, from Morte D'Arthur, if memory serves

15.10.2019 18:59

Thanks for the added and very literary encouragement! :D

16.10.2019 01:14

You are welcome :)

16.10.2019 01:32