Lost Writer: Reward!

When Joseph arrived at Shechem, a man found him wandering around in the fields and asked him, “What are you looking for?”
He replied, “I’m looking for my brothers.”
- Genesis 37:14-16 -

Have You Seen This Missing Writer?



Name: creator

Known Aliases: creatr, "Duncan Cary Palmer", "Hey you!"

Hangouts: Known to frequent surf beaches, religious gatherings, assorted sketchy online venues, cryptocurrency and astronomy forums.

Last Seen: This vanished author has not written regularly for the better part of a year. During that time, there have been a few unconfirmed sightings (e.g. transient appearances of the straying scribe in one-off articles and unfrequented comment sections).

Genres:&nbsbsp;Fiction, Theological Fantasy, Assorted Poetry, Curmudgeonly Grumblings, How-To Posts, Apolitical Rants, Humor, Etc., Ad Nauseum...<BR
Modus Operandi: When agitated, writes incessantly. Dreams about writing. If cornered, may talk your ear off with endless minutia related to his latest obsession. Blossoms effusively when emboldened with the slightest encouragement.


Be on the lookout for the dangerous penman. If seen, approach with extreme caution. This fugitive wordsmith is disillusioned, frustrated, and under a great deal of largely self-imposed pressure. The acerbity of his sense of humor is outstripped only by its obscurity. His polymathic eclecticism is a huge turn-off to readers seeking only some light amusement. Even those with similar ideological backgrounds consider much of this known scribbler's work fringe, if not borderline heretical. Under no circumstances should you comment on the hack's work, as that will only encourage him.

REWARD!: Information leading to the return of this miscreant essayist could possibly result in the resumption of a never-ending stream of drivel read by so few as to be insignificant. All presumptive claimants to the offered reward are advised to severely curb their expectations.


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Important Note: My articles often contain hot links to supplemental information. While they aren't essential, you may find added value by following them. Most images also link to useful or related information or articles.

Note: If you're reading this after the payout window has closed,
you can still reward it: **CLICK HERE**.

Table of Contents

P.S. If you have an "in" with anybody at **Steemit, Inc.** - Would you please ask them to get rid of these damn, **extremely annoying** "off-website" arrow/boxes? The have, overnight, made Steemit ugly. There are ***much* better solutions.**

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Thanks for your time and attention.
You are why I'm here on Steemit!
I have very eclectic interests and hope, over time, to write about them all.

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11.10.2019 03:40

Thank you.

11.10.2019 06:21

Welcome back my dear friend hope you are well miss you. I enjoy the creativity of your posts @creatr

11.10.2019 04:48

Hey, Troy!

Thank you very much. Uncertain if I am truly "back," but hoping to find my mojo again and do some writing. It's been a dry spell...

Good to hear from you. I hope you're well!

11.10.2019 05:58


11.10.2019 06:21

Welcome back and about time to you have been missed. 😊

11.10.2019 09:18

Thank you, my friend...

I hope I am back. Need to get the creative juices flowing again..... :)

12.10.2019 05:37

Get them flowing and keep posting. :)

12.10.2019 14:42

Hehehe... Hi you ❤️

11.10.2019 12:29

Hi yourself...! <3

12.10.2019 05:37

I too feel like a fugitive

Posted using Partiko Android

11.10.2019 15:42

Hello, my Dear,

Wanting to understand your response, I dropped by your blog and saw a lot of re-steems... Kinda reminds me of my blog!

So, is there anything I might do to inspire you? :D

Thanks a lot for noticing I'm here... <3

Maybe I'll work on some new poetry.

12.10.2019 05:44

Yeeeees write some poetry! That would be inspiring. Or at the very least, productive for you lol.

12.10.2019 19:49

Ah, but knowing it may inspire you will help motivate me to be productive... :D

12.10.2019 19:52

Well good to see you! You picked a pretty good time to pop in. Things have shanged, for the better in most regards (just IMO of coarse!)

13.10.2019 21:44

Thank you, old friend. :)

I hope I can regain and keep some momentum going. It's been a long, dry spell... ;)

14.10.2019 07:22

Well, good thing you told me you're posting so I could add my penny, lol. I'm sorry, my friend - I got out of the habit of checking for your posts - BTW, my one cent vote actually decreased your reward form $3.16 to $3.10!!! What's that all about? I want to help, not hurt. I think I vaguely recall reading about that anomaly since the latest Hardfork - I'm powering back up myself after depleting my steem power to pay my on-line expenses, so if I have to wait until I'm no longer a liability, I'll just comment on your posts :)

15.10.2019 18:48

Hi John!

I think it may have something to do with when you vote?

And that "curators" (i.e. voters) earn a larger part of rewards than before. And that's quite OK with me; I actually have been arguing that point for years, that curator rewards need to be larger.


Because we writers need more readers. Without readers, what are we? Steemit really needs to attract large numbers of readers who will vote for and appreciate our writing...

But to be sure, I'm speculating and have not studied the recent Steemit changes, so I'll shut up for now...

In any case, THANKS for your minus six-cent vote! :D

16.10.2019 01:08

Sounds perfectly opaque to me, lol - as long as you don't mind, I'll continue voting for you :)

16.10.2019 01:34