Body building tips

Hello friends, today we are going to talk. That if men want to look healthy then everyone wants to look healthy. Everyone goes to great lengths to show themselves a very good body, but it does not yield any result. The body remains the same.) So let us tell you about some pieces that are very important for you Vamananda.

  1. Milk: - Some people will say that not everyone knows about milk but after reading it completely you will know what milk is. Calcium and protein are found in plenty in milk, every person should drink at least 250 grams of milk daily and if you drink a pinch of turmeric mixed with milk, it can save you from cancer. So no use
  2. Egg-: Everyone will say about the egg that I also know about it that it is rich in protein and calcium. Every man should eat one or two eggs daily if you eat eggs everyday. . So it will not be lack of calcium in your body and your body will be strong
  3. Khajur -: Almost no one knows how much is benefited by dates. Let me tell you that high amount of calories, protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates are found in dates. People walking in the desert definitely take dates with them. Which is very beneficial. Whatever is lacking in your body.
  4. Gram-: If you do not consume soaked gram, you should do it so that weaknesses in your body can be removed. Gram arrow is the remedy to fight weakness. Protein is found in high quantity in soaked gram.
  5. Paneer: Protein is found in plenty in cheese. 30-40 grams of protein is found in 100 grams of cheese. Which is much more masculine than meat.
  6. Almonds: There is a lot of benefit from consuming almonds on an empty stomach in the morning, mixing almonds with milk should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning.
  7. Rajma-: Rajma is also suitable for the body because a lot of protein is found in kidney beans, the intake of it removes all the weakness of our body. It contains more seedmins than chicken.
  8. Murub-: You need to eat at least 2 pieces of marmalade on an empty stomach after waking up in the morning. And after eating it, 100 grams of roasted gram has to be consumed. Or after that drink a glass of warm milk. This will help your body grow more.
  9. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is very beneficial in increasing body weight. Our Fi and protein-rich snakes are needed to gain weight. Carbohydrates and proteins are found in large amounts in oatmeal. Which is suitable for building muscle. It also contains vitamins and minerals such as biotic, acid, folic and vitamins which are very beneficial for our body.
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