THE DIARY GAME. UNENDING SEASON 03. 08/05/2021. A busy Saturday.

Greetings esteemed bloggers. Hope your day went on well.

Dear Diary.
I woke up at 5am. It was the weekend and I needed to be early for my customers. I left the bed at 6:45am and went straight to taking my bath. And off to work. I passed by the lady who fries puff puff. Little children were standing around her craving for it.

Her puff puff is always very good. Before she finish frying, they must have bought it all.

I saluted her and headed to my place of work. On reaching round about, I saw the lion of at round about faced down. I wonder what must have happened to it. Then I remembered there was a loud explosive some few nights back. It must have been the cause.

The lion faced down.

When I.arrived at work, it was still very early. I had not too much work to do. So I decided to clean. When I was done cleaning I felt a little scratch on my leg so I scratched it. After sometime I felt some moving sensation on my leg I decided to check see what I saw.

Blood oozing from my leg.

I was shocked myself. Just small scratch and blood the whole place. I cleaned up my leg and disinfected the wound. @njiatana had called me to come and collect some dresses so I went and collected them.

My elder sister came with her baby and asked me to follow her to the market. I took the baby and we went to the market we bought cocoyams. And other ingredients to cook ekwang. (Cameroon traditional meal. where cocoyams is being ground and wrapped in cocoyams leaves, put on the fire).
She invited me to come after work and eat.

When we came back, She took a bike and went to her house. I started feeling very hungry so I ordered some food. As I started eating, my secondary schools classmates came to visit me. They had heard what happened to my pressing so they decided to support me. Some class representatives were sent to see me.

Me and my mates.
After the chat, they left and I went back to eating.
When I was done. I went to see my sister as she's invited. On reaching there, she had not finished wrapping the ekwang

My sister wraping the ekwang.

I left without eating. I could not wait for it to get ready since I was in a haste
I got to the pressing and closed. And went home. When I reached home I had to make salad which I did without delay.

The salad.I made it with carrot, cabbage onion, tomatoes pear.
After making salad, I went to making my mother's nails.

After that I went to bed.
Thank you for reading.

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A busy day it really was! Waouh! Where is Mami puff puff's place? Coz the way that little man looks at the puff puff ehhh it makes me think twice.
So sorry for the blood on your leg. Your blood rather looks healthy! It's the appropriate colour. It's always nice meeting with friends it feels always great.
I really pray the situation of Bda changes soon with all these explosions all over.

Its really unfortunate that you didn't eat the ekwang. That's a meal I love so much! I also die for salad and you do it well too.
You're a blessing to mom doing her nails😕😕 I wish I knew how to do that so I could do my mom's own nails.

11.05.2021 20:16

Thank you. Her place is just beside the house. The children always fight over it.
I told her I would eat the ekwang another day. The food is very special

12.05.2021 14:21