In the face of fear, we only trust in God for rescue and protection. Greetings great minds. And welcome once more to reading from me to know how my day went.

Dear Diary.
I woke up slightly late. My alarm had rang until I guess it just got tired and stopped by itself. I hurriedly went on to preparing to go out. My mother helped me prepare my nephew and he went ahead of me. I just got delayed at home for no better reason. Then I prayed and covered the day.

When I finally left the house, I arrived at a secondary school in the qwarter. Two young boys I presumed were the separatists, stopped me and asked where I was headed I responded that I was going to work. They thought I was lying. So they asked what I was carrying I told them my work tools. And I attempted opening the bag to show them but they refused. Telling me to pass by the school gate and go ahead to know if i was a student or not. I passed and went. I saw one girl who was obviously going to the school. I told her to be careful. I called my younger brother who has not yet done from. The house and i told him to use a different road when going to school. He obeyed. So I want to work.

I still needed to catch-up with ironing. I ironed till i was exhausted so I rested.
Then I continued. .

After a routine day, I had to close early as I had to go to church. So I closed by 5:30pm and took a bike. We missed two accident on our way to went to church. .by 6:pm, a customer whom I had told to.comee at 5:pm started calling pleading that I come and give him the dress. It was a white jacket. He said he was to use it for a funeral. I had to come back and give the jacket them i went again to church.
I came home and ate. Then I continued on the script. Till I fell asleep.
This is how my day was spent.

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