[VIDEO] #PROMO #Inktober2019 - DAYDREAMS DRAWN OUT: #21 #Treasure to #31 #Ripe | SOL 762

PROMO #Inktober2019 - DAYDREAMS DRAWN OUT: #21 #Treasure to #31 #Ripe | SOL 762

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[(#01 - #10)](https://forms.gle/apUMrUpMa3Xv1DeKA)

## [(#11 - #20)](https://forms.gle/DEosr1quLdka1wby6)

[(#21 - #31)](https://forms.gle/eKjq677ZjKPGBHJSA)



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#Inktober2019, it's #31days31sketches of #Inktober; it's thirty-one themes taken on in ink with each sketch detail a theme of each day in October.


> #ART Inktober 2019 Sketchbook:



#Inktober2019, it's #31days31sketches of #Inktober; it's thirty-one themes taken on in ink with each sketch detail a theme of each day in October. I'm holding a vote on my website to decide which selection of three (3) sketches to progress to Final Art. Each selection is bundled in a set of TEN (10) sketches, of which will go on to another vote for the Final Three. Everyone can vote! With a valid email, enter your selection for each sketch and from the pool, a lottery drawing will be held in 2020 for print giveaways, and ONE (1) lucky subscriber to win a handcrafted ORIGINAL!*

*draft copy ink on 9" x 12" archival paper.


All #Inktober2019 and subsequent #Inktober content will go on to global publication, as well an e-book combo pack, with additional media content included, a Collector's Edition bound paperback book, and for the Final Art derived signature custom products! These offerings and more soon sold worldwide, release dates TBA. All my Patreon subscribers will unlock even more digital content, including video footage, B&W coloring sheets, and other limited edition prints made available to higher tiers. Subscribe NOW to unlock, for as little as $1!

Visit www.artistcraigahamilton.com for complete details. 🙂 Thank you for your continued support!



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