#ART - #Studiosession 06292019 - #WoodenDragon Phase ii | SOL 634

ART - #Studiosession 06292019 - #WoodenDragon Phase ii | SOL 634


WHAT'S HAPPENING? 😅 -- Hey friends, Summer kicks off a tidal wave of new images currently in the works. Juggling a few commissions, one set reflecting the Japanese mythical gods following the seasons, here's a quick look at the progress made this past week:


Updates: New images for my limited-edition set of 4 of Japanese Mythic Gods, process #bts footage now unlocked for Patreon Digital Prime and higher tier subscribers to download, along with video timelapses now up on YouTube. Stay tuned for more on this short series, like and subscribe for updates to your feed. Check out more details online my website and connect with me thru social media everywhere you consume content. Link within for details, visit www.artistcraigahamilton.com.



Studiosession 06292019 - #WoodenDragon Phase ii, Pt1

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Phase 2 consists of transferring character lines and visible shapes from the rough sketch on to inking details in the Final Artwork. The Final Art is to be completed ink on archival paper, afterward, a digital image file is used in post-production (Photoshop color process, sizing, and scaling) creating formats for consumer products and publication materials.

It is with your ongoing support that this creative vision continues to grow and offer future manifestations of greater value to the world. Link below to pledge your monthly support for additional content, exclusive features for subscribers (high-resolution JPEGs, #bts content, and more!). There's plenty more in the pipeline this season, increasing efforts to more video content showcasing my development process from start to finish, broadening outreach to genre-niche communities across the many social media networks.

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I am a maker of original illustrations, sold as prints, products, either or for publication. For more information, visit www.artiscraigahamilton.com. For more information on sales, commissions, and all other inquiry, contact my studio via email planetfloatingmars@gmail.com.

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