#Art - #ProcessIsProgress #MetalTiger: Phase iii, Final Art | SOL 639

Art - #ProcessIsProgress #MetalTiger: Phase iii, Final Art | SOL 639

Hello friends,
I trust you had a wonderfully productive week, particularly this past seven days especially have been most hectic following the holiday weekend, I'm excited to share some of the highlights of my week. I take to this page in the espers of a rapidly fading afternoon, the South Floridian sun beats above a puckering of rain and its distant light radiant streams seething bright beams peeks between somber clouds gray and a white pastel sky. July heat is wicked, searing wily traffic and hearty pedestrians brave enough to trek more than a mile to the grocers, the window facing the rolling green space just beyond my backyard fence. Reflecting on this season, I sense the great amount of personal growth I have gained of the many challenges I've faced the past few months, that I am both humbled and grateful that I have an opportunity to make of this moment one that many people abroad can enjoy as much as I do to manifest these creations. To reiterate: Through social media and online marketing, I'm thankful I am able to earn enough [something] to sustain a presence for countless others to partake in the magic of making art.

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MetalTiger - Byakko, The Metal Tiger God of the West

This commission I'm producing an image depicting the rapid lofty descent of Byakko, The Metal Tiger God of the West. It is part of a set of four (4) ink illustrations inspired by the Four Seasons Japanese mythological gods; this ferocious monstrous beast leaps from a gilded breeze and bounds to Earth aglow a muscular claw and a fiery roar, terrifyingly writhing unruly under its brilliantly shimmering fur.

Sketchsession06192018 - #MetalTiger Pt.01

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New - Here's a view of rough sketching the design of the illustration focused on capturing the "spirit" of the subject and thrust its meaning into life from loose, frantic linework. These will see new images for my limited-edition set of 4 of Japanese Mythic Gods, this process #bts footage is now unlocked for Patreon Digital Prime and higher tier subscribers to download, along with video time-lapses now up on YouTube.

Studiosession 06292019 #MetalTiger Phase ii, Pt1

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Now - In this brief recap, Phase 2 is done on the light table, with work focused on transferring main lines and tracing visible shapes, from overlaying the rough sketch on to inking details in the Final Artwork. The composition of details are later honed in to simplify complexities and layer additional elements into compound figures.

Sketchsession06192019 #metaltiger - (Part I-IV)

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Next - Phase 3!

The Final Art is to be completed ink on archival paper, afterward, a digital image file is used in post-production (Photoshop color process, sizing, and scaling) creating formats for consumer products and publication materials. Delivered is one of ten handmade editions that comprise the collector's value and the associated pedigree with each copy made.

(Private commissions are made one-of-one unless the end-user license is in remittance or expired.)

Every like, comment, share, upvote, is a great way to show your support for the art I create and becoming a Subscriber is the best way to easily contribute your love right into the process. Patreon Subscribers unlock additional exclusive creative content, like #bts behind-the-scenes process video footage and extras, available for digital download, as well as on higher tiers new original artwork and prints directly in the mail every month! Pledge as little as a $1 or grow to Tier I level to earn mail-direct canvas giclee prints. Patreon makes it super simple to support your favorite independent artists abroad and with their system, I offer my artwork publications at the most affordable prices and added value for the budding collector ;)


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