#ART - POWER PRESS ☕💪🏾✨ | SOL 668

ART - ##POWER PRESS ☕💪🏾✨ | SOL 668




Hello friends, Summer so far has been such a hectic, but fun season. This season is one of bold, new beginnings for me, since entering this new space, it's been a real blessing to finally make this kind of progress and increasingly committed to making stronger finishes.






Here I present a few detail shots of my latest image from a set of four (4) unique illustrations entitled the "Craft Coffee Contraption" suite. This image, titled "The Percolating Power Press", is the second installment of the suite. Escorting a meticulously managed mechanized steam press is a precocious team of engineers, joyously steering this huffing monstrosity into position to perfectly pour the most choice of bold brews for all enthusiasts and for the avid fans, too!

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Dig it. Makes me want to get a coffee and get creative. Followed.

09.08.2019 22:38

Dig it. Makes me want
To get a coffee and get
Creative. Followed.

                 - lionsuit

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

09.08.2019 22:38

Lol. Well played, HaikuBot (and creator), well played.

09.08.2019 22:42


10.08.2019 02:37

Will deliver even more inspiring scenes in the times to come, I trust that you (and your network) will love once all comes in color. ;)

Thank you @lionsuit for the support!

10.08.2019 02:39

very nice work here @craigahamilton
curated for creativecoin ... !SHADE 3

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10.08.2019 10:40

Appreciate you!
I'll keep contributing my creations for your viewing and collecting pleasure ;)

Buy - Sell - Trade - Create/Curate - Collaborate = New economy :)

Thank you @shadowspub for the support!

10.08.2019 20:30