The Japanese Mythical Cardinal Gods of the Four Seasons


Hello friends, I'm back from the heights of the blazing Summertime with a wicked tan and a hungry appetite for new ink. It is down to the pits of the late quarter of the season and the media machine here inside of my studio is warming up to its paces. Up in the weeks ahead, new images following two sets of four commissions It's a dead heat to finish a few more commissions for upcoming shows and releases. To stay ahead of the mania,
here I dispense proof progress made this past month:


MetalTiger - Byakko, The Metal Tiger God of the West


MetalTiger - Byakko, The Metal Tiger God of the West; this ferocious monstrous beast leaps from a gilded breeze and bounds to Earth aglow a muscular claw and a fiery roar, terrifyingly writhing unruly under its brilliantly shimmering fur.


WoodenDragon -Seiryu, The Wood Dragon of the East


WoodenDragon -Seiryu, The Wood Dragon of the East; erupting bloom of terse rapture between the Earth and Sky, a plume materializes into a massive drake that then serpentines from the root of a great tree, such splitting an impenetrable mountain face.


VermillionPhoenix - Suzaku, The Flaming Summer Wind Sparrow God of the South


VermillionPhoenix - Suzaku, The Flaming Summer Wind Sparrow God of the South; a magnificent Thunderbird aflame of divine fire, as it soars across the clear sky, heralding the first Light of Day. Every evening, its flickering embers flitter along the horizon all kindle the Moonlight. Then after, every sunrise this great bird rises from the Ashes of Night to bloom once again to the renewed glory of the Sun.


WaterTortoise - Genbu, The Serpent-bound Water bearing Tortoise God of the North


WaterTortoise - Genbu, The Serpent-bound Water bearing Tortoise God of the North; An enormous turtle and its heaving mass bound by a writhing, twisting snake, in an attempt to mate the Ocean and Land, Heaven and Earth spawn destiny interlaced in a primordial universe cast upon endless chaos.



Each tale portrays each deity an immortal guardian of its cardinal direction and earthly season. This may become full-color releases, coming soon to the online shop, stay tuned for further developments. Like, comment, and share your thoughts on this and other posts when you enable notifications. Be of the first to know the latest updates, just click the tab at the top and get notified!

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Finally, I can call this one complete :)
Really took time with this set, to capture new content media for online, I learned a lot through this process, so I'm excited to share with everyone how it came about.

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