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I used to sell Gucci belts at ioffer. The key word is usa seller. But I did not come from the United States, but this keyword is very hot. So I added the usa seller to the title of my product. One day I met a guest, he took the initiative. I added my whats app, and there is his avatar on it. From his avatar, I can have his life and a lot of wealth. It should be an African-American. He asked me if I have a Gucci belt. I told him that I am a professional. Selling Gucci belt, he said that he wants the best quality. I told him that we have no bad quality here. Then I quoted him a price of 2 Gucci belts for 110 dollars. He wants a large size but I see him use it. This size is not available, but I still respect the requirements of the guests.
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At first, I felt that he didn't have any spending power and didn't communicate with him very much. He gave me the name of the Western Union. He said that he would pay me tomorrow. I asked him why he can't pay me now. He said that he had to go to the city to have a Western Union remittance shop. The next day he paid for it. I was very happy at that time. I talked to him more. I asked him what to buy a belt. I said that you are I don’t want to go on a date. (The idea in my heart is that he spends so much money to buy this belt is definitely investing in his very important occasion, I guess it is to date the girl.) He smiled and said no, he told me He will attend a very important ceremony next week.

I sent him a dhl courier the next day. I took a picture to him before shipping.

After a week, I asked him if he received the goods. He said that he had received it very much. I was very happy to hear the customer’s approval.

In fact, during the whole transaction process, I feel that this guest is very sincere and not cheap. It is not like many people who want to spend 5 dollars to buy the highest quality, because most customers think that it is too expensive to buy a belt for 50 dollarsIMG_4913.JPG

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