Teach you how to pay attention to the purchase of lv bag

knockoff Bags are estimated to be hard currency in luxury goods, and now the market is circulating a large number of lv bags, so what do you need to pay attention to when buying high imitation bags? This article will be introduced by gzclp :http://www.plug.sale amous products for everyone to introduce lv bags when you need to pay attention to!
The first trick: two ways to shoot
Generally, there are two ways to receive goods in a small store. One is cash buyout, depending on the color, old and new, etc. of the bag, so the shipping price is relatively low. If you are reluctant to transfer at a very low price, you may wish to choose the second method - consignment, the price of consignment can be set by yourself, and the store charges 15% of the agency fee.
The second measure: only LV is hard currency
Although LV is not discounted, in the circulation of second-hand bags, the average shop owner favors the acquisition of LV. As long as you get the LV in the store, you can basically trade cash directly with the store. The third measure: the new season is very valuable
The new season is also the hard currency that the store will receive in cash. For example, the owner of the luxury brand offline store told reporters that LV a new product bag, the store price of 13,000 yuan, second-hand shop new goods as long as 11,000 yuan, the same thing, it is cheaper two thousand dollars, which woman will not Heartbeat?
The third measure: the more practical and classic style is more popular
Do not think that the limited edition of the bag must be able to sell a good price, in fact, the more classic style is more popular with everyone. The limited edition of each brand is always unique in design, but often it is not very practical because of its different style. Unless it is a collection of antiques enthusiasts, the limited-edition second-hand package is not a big audience. It is understood that the current second-class brand-name bag with the smallest depreciation is the LV Monogram series of cross-body bag and waist bag.
The fourth measure: out of print package does not increase
Customer Sindy bought a LV MonogramGraffiti Limited Edition small handbag in Hong Kong for 2,190 Hong Kong dollars in 2001. It was very fashionable at the time, but it was found that the handbag capacity was too small. So after a few show shows, this bag was hit into the cold palace. This year, she happened to pass a second-hand brand-name package store. She actually saw the bag in the window, and she was curious. She asked the price and found that this style is the best-selling version. On the second day, Sindy sold the bag to the owner with the mentality of “keeping waste, using outdated”. The price was nearly 2,900 yuan. She couldn’t smile: “Buy and sell, actually earned!”
The fifth measure: seriously distinguish between true and false
When buying a second-hand brand, pay special attention to details and distinguish between true and false. First look at the material, the printed pattern of the big handbag is usually strictly symmetrical, this imitation can not do; secondly look at the hardware accessories, the real zipper, the weight is relatively heavy, but easy to pull up, very easy to use; Note that the inner bag is opened to view the serial number. Taking LV as an example, the first two letters of the serial number are the production place number, and the last four numbers are the year number, of which 2 and 4 represent the year, and 1 and 3 represent the month. Gucci's authenticity has a laser LOGO at the buckle. If you are not good enough, you can take the store to check the goods.
Sixth trick: maintenance is critical
When maintaining high-priced brand-name bags, don't neglect the role of the dust bag, one is convenient for storage, and the other can also be used for daily wiping. In addition, the newly purchased bags should be kept invoices, certificates, boxes, etc. In the future, if you want to change hands, you will have a comparative advantage. Brand-name handbags are the most dangerous to rain. Do remember that the extravagant masters are very embarrassed. After the rain, there may be spots of different depths on the surface, which will greatly reduce the price.

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