Splinterlands Strategy Guide | Unbeatable Power Combos!

Splinterlands is a game where a proper Strategy will make the difference between winning or losing (if you have the right cards and get matched up with an equal opponent). Here are some of the Powerful Card Combos I'm regularly am using that have shown to be nearly unbeatable...

The game brings quite some variety as there are many different game rules, restricted Summoners along with low or higher mana limits. These combos work wonders for me in very specific setups.


Game Rule Requirements...

Up Close & Personal: Only Monsters with Melee attack may be used in Battles

These 2 cards combined even at Level 1 make one of the most powerful combos when only Cards with Melee are allowed to be used since you will know for sure that all the attacks from your opponent his cards will go -2 which is huge. The Dragon/Fire Summoner on top has some extremely powerful melee attack cards for both higher & lower mana Fights that can be used from any position.

Required cards Type Set Price
Camila Sungazer Legendary Untamed 2.990$
Molten Ogre Common Promo 0.060$


Game Rule Requirements...

Target Practice: All Ranged and Magic attack monsters have the Snipe ability.

When ranged and magic attack monsters directly have snipe, the Blast ability is extremely powerful as it will attack 3 different monsters. The Water summoner has 2 powerful cards that are quite cheap that have this ability. (The Fire Splinter also has many but most are more expensive and less powerful). Having both these cards at a higher level increases on the damage that is being done.

Required cards Type Set Price
Ruler Of The Seas Legendary Reward 5.670$
Pirate Archer Rare Reward 0.094$


This combo is quite fun and works with different game rules as long as there is at least 25 Mana available to select cards.

Basically, the Taunt ability of The Kraken forces the opponents to attack that cards and since it has so much health combined with a triple heal from the Albatros (Level 6) | Tortisian Chief (Level 4) and The crustacean king it is impossible to kill unless the opponent has the Affliction ability.

A similar strategy could be done with the Life splinter using the Shieldbearer combined with the Divine Healer, The Angel of Light, and the Tortisian Chief.
This strategy does require higher-level cards that are more expensive.

Required cards Type Set Price
The Kraken Legendary Reward 2.770$
Crustacean King Rare Reward 0.280$
Albatross L6 Common Untamed 3.000$
Tortisian Chief Epic Untamed 13.76$


Game Rule Requirements...

Lost Magic: Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.

I actually haven't tried this combo yet but I can imagine it doing quite well in high mana battles where there is a Lost Magic rule as the Warrior of Peace will cut all attack by from the opponent by 1 being forced upon the Shieldbeared because the Taunt ability while all attacks are even lowered more because of the Shield ability. I will see if I can get my Shieldbearer to level 5 to try this one out. Add some heal from the Divine Healer and 1 or 2 more monsters that do 3+ attack and it should be a deck very hard to beat.

Required cards Type Set Price
Shieldbearer L5 Rare Untamed 4.000$
Warrior of Peace L6 Common Reward 1.200$


I'm quite sure that there are many more specific card combinations out there that are unbeatable given certain rules. Coming up with your own strategy and getting specific cards just for them can be a fun way to choose what cards to collect or not. The best tool available to theorycraft right now is the website splinterfilter.com designed by @gringo211985.

I will try to come up with some more myself and maybe make a follow-up post in the future with more of these. The more cards you have available the more strategic option you will naturally have. Having Summoners that are at a higher level is also a key requirement in order to start playing around with different strategies.

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