Wealthy Steemit With Antisocial Personality Disorder Censoring Free Speech

This article has been reename and edited because of continued Flagging by Steemit people with large amount of Steem power.
Seen is believing see for yourself what these rats are saying about me. They think I don't know what they are up to.
The question is what is Steem going to do about this people?
Look how @slobberchops lies about me.
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@slobberchops is already inciting trouble against me on his site. The rest you can see for yourself how these people behave.
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This article has been reename and edited because of continued Flagging by Steemit people with large amount of Steem power.
Amigos en Steem, cuídense y no se engañen por unos mentirosos de que todo lo que desean hacer es atacar a las personas. Esto le está dando a Steemit y a la moneda de Steem un mal nombre que va a reducir la cantidad de personas que se unen a Steem.

29.08.2019 12:01

Thanks for the retaliatory downvote and invoking me to look at your blog. I don't see any evidence of @slobberchops lying, and your so called evidence is lacking. I see that your bidbotted post has a ratio of 91 downvotes to 79 upvotes (mostly bots). The lack of self-awareness it must take to post something this inflammatory is astounding.

Downvoting this post for targeting an individual and retaliating against abuse fighters. Don't buy excessive votes for garbage content, and there is no problem.

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01.09.2019 11:41

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Vlog: Steemit - The future is all about fictional rewards and spam

Your below average post is only worth about $2 only because you Curry favour with your mate trafalgar. trafalgar which has 902,634.25 Steem Power voted you with a 95.8% voting power = $13.42 for 100% vote.
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05.09.2019 22:19

Give it a rest clown, he hasn't upvoted my last 9 posts. I don't beg for shit from anyone and I never will.

25.09.2019 09:52