Steemit the most censorious platform in social media

This article has been reename and edited because of continued Flagging by Steemit people with large amount of Steem power.
@markkujantunen "most likely shot with a mobile phone camera of a cruise ship departing"
Hi Steemians, he make it sound as if I was not there onboard the Golden Princess and attack me falsely about using a mobile phone.
I just wonder if these people in high places want to shut down my channel.
Already there are people who a prominent members of Steemit voting down my video that I took on the Golden Princess.
So be it give me the best you can I can take it but SHAME on all of you for putting me through this ordeal which I will never forget or forgive.
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Steem does not censor users. You post low quality content then buy tender bots to promote your article to the top of the trend. The top trend is the gate, which shows the face of steem, it is too ugly and of poor quality will not attract users and potential investors. "A dirty face mirror should be washed" is The reason you got a bunch of flags

29.08.2019 09:09

Yep, this post got flagged by a number of prominent Steemians with a lot of stake who checked out this post and decided it was necessary to flag it to protect the value of their investment.

29.08.2019 09:38

That's why I left this shit. Try "Minds" man that thing is perfect for mainstream, very fast, smooth, damn just try it, it needs upgrades of course and more people but it's really uncersored and smooooth not like this slow as censored shit. I can not even upload my art to nTOPAZ because is music talking bout fucking bitches

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29.08.2019 09:21