It's not Stress it's an OBSTACLE.... keep BREATHING!!

It's not Stress it's an OBSTACLE.... keep BREATHING!!


Stress is a mindset, it can motivate or cripple an individual. And as thinking individuals we have to place our energy towards thing that will help us grow as individuals, and understand that stress is no more than an obstacle awaiting to be overcome. That's it! A hurdle to leap over, a race to finish. I say that to say some obstacles we look at as fun to try and complete or conquer, while others were afraid to even approach them such as leaving the country, saving to invest in buying a house, meeting individuals that may interested in investing in your idea. These things can seem stressful to some, but what if it was fun to actually do them like, travel, invest, meet new people!

I'm saying these thing because I'm grateful to have been born in these times. I have been blessed to experience and to have had exposure to a wide range of people and places which has broadened my vision of what life is about and what it's not about. Time, especially your time, is precious and you should use it on things that really matter because life is short and memories are meant to be made with people and things that matter to you!

Moral here is dont stress about what you think is stressful.... replace stress with obstacles, trust me you'll have more fun!!

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