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Hi to all friends on Steemit, in this day, a prelude to the new year, the CooperFelix-Multiservices wants to wish all users and supporters of the project, a year full of satisfaction and hope for a better future and constructive. 2019 is going to say goodbye, to end up in the baggage of the memories good and bad that are, to welcome the new year with new resolutions and wishes, which will be a year fruitful and positive for the market of crypto, and especially for the repopulation of this beautiful social that still is not known by many people and deserves a share is more massive, thanks to this handicap is the market of the cryptocurrencies that is going through a long period of flattening, hoping that the bar signs are positive with higher percentages. We want to summarize the social activity of the project and the different stages of progress this year in this post and communicate new updates on the next stages.

2019 in brief

The year 2019 has begun with joy in your heart, veterans by 2018 that has marked many of the adverse events to the corporate structure of the company, ended with a wonderful news received from the Committee of the project that has made the idea of enterprise as a positive and valid, and worthy of being funded, this was a revenge against the detractors that belittled the idea of the project and that they believed it was not appropriate, satisfaction of a great and joy-filled our hearts. This has led to a greater expenditure of resources that obviously are burdened on the family budget of each in having to face the legal costs of setting up the company and its registration to the Chamber of Commerce territorially competent. However, the joy and spirit of the initiative made this burden lighter, with the hope that in the new year the project had received momentum. Unfortunately, this has not happened, many obstacles have interposed between us and the goal for access to credit. Increasingly convoluted bureaucratic dynamics and unprepared banking institutions have made it tortuous to reach the first step forcing us to change several times credit institution. In July 2019, finally, our practice has been accepted with positive results from the Bank Intesa San Paolo that approved the access to credit for the beneficiaries of the project CooperFelix-Multiservices, in October have been filled in the application forms of bank financing, and only in December 2019, we received communication from the Guarantee Fund for the coverage of the amount of spending we presented. Everything went fine, you would say, however, so that the funding can be disbursed, you need to open a bank account held by the company, this phase will be traversed during the first days of the month of January 2020 (unfortunately, due to the continuous delays and the timing of the processing of the practice we were not able to anticipate this step, the Guarantee Fund has ceased to deliver resources in the month of December to be able to drafting the annual budget of the appropriation of funds and then reopen the taps in the new year). So finally we can say with certainty that the project will see the light in the early months of 2020 and all the phases of start-up and preparation will be published on the official page CooperFelix-Multiservices. The project in which we participated in obtaining access to credit is structured in such a way as to show the progress work (SAL) in two stages, at this point in the progress we think to put a positive check on the first SAL. The next step is to build the infrastructure necessary for the production of quality compost** and the subsequent marketing of the product, so this stage can be summarized in many small steps:

  • Construction of a greenhouse on a dry, possibly gravel soil
  • Placement of composters and numbering of composters, installation of tables recording the production process on a time axis and containing all the information relating to each composting plant as physical parameters: humidity, wet mass, dry mass, and characteristic parameters of composting products
  • Registration in the Register of Fertiliser Manufacturers
  • Registration in the Municipal Business Register
  • Acquisition of authorizations for trade-in organic soil improvers and fertilizers

At this point in the progress, we can finally put a positive check on the second phase (SAL). Once these bureaucratic obligations towards the Project Funding Body have been terminated, we could dedicate ourselves totally to the performance of the services that the company intends to offer for Public and Private Authorities with the purpose of overriding making the production process of a soil massif and continuous, reaching a state of steady-state. We are aware of the fact that, unfortunately, the bureaucratic machine in our Country is very slow and cumbersome, however, we are determined to achieve the purpose, and before being able to market our product, it may take some time, during this “waiting time” we think that we invest on our training and achieving Certificates and Diplomas of Specialization about the organic products and on the processing of plants by acquiring the Certificate in the use of Medicines for plant protection, personally I intend to acquire more knowledge in the field of production of biomass for energy production and use them to collaborate with companies in the sector, reaching high levels, and spreading the message that CooperFelix-Multiservices want to send to people residing throughout the national territory, commercializing biomass quality for combustion in stoves, specialized in low environmental impact and with substantial energy yields of heat. We strongly believe that this sector can be a springboard to financial success of the Company and that can become a very important market in the coming years, taking advantage of the wave of renewable energy that is literally changing the structure of economic and political of many Western Countries.

With these resolutions and with the hope of having transmitted to all the readers, the enthusiasm and joy that fills our heart, we leave you with the wish that the new year can be the breakthrough year for the project and, thanks to your help, we can convey to the people and to the peoples of the solutions Green is always the best.

Happy Christmas Holidays


Happy New Year

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The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden

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The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden

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