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Hello friends and well found with the CooperFelix-Multiservices Team.

A few days ago we were joined by a voice in the distance, a user who resides very far from the place of installation of the project and who showed interest. This makes us very happy, it means that the effects of Steemit make themselves felt, that the activity of our fundraising campaign continues on the right track. We begin to get acquainted, and the green spots on the map begin to expand.

We were invited to participate in a contest and this will be our participation post. The contest consists in promoting projects and dreams of users who have decided to promote and build them on Steemit, hence the name of the contest BUILDBETTER and here you find the reference link to this week's post. The contest is a promoter of projects that enrich the content and that translate positively on people's lives in real life. The competition is structured on a referral/appointment mechanism of the most worthy of attention accounts that have been made available a small Award Fund in SBI. For further information about the competition please users and followers of the project to read the link written just before.

We are thrilled that our project interests someone who resides on the other side of the world and this invitation is welcomed with a lot of warmth and competitive spirit. We feel the need to explode our desire to live and promulgate the positive message on which this project was born by expanding the culture marked BIO and this we want to do with all means and resources. We hope and we are sure that participation in this contest, with the help of our followers, may convey a good part of the energy made available to the project, and can amplify the power of the message so much to reach other communities on this magnificent social.


The Cooperfelix-Multisevices Project was born from the will of three young Italian boys, aged between 20 and 35 years, to get involved and propose to the community an alternative to the obsolete methodologies of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of green areas. It was founded as a cooperative company because it consists of the cooperation of several people with skills in different fields that include:

  • Ordinary and Extraordinary Maintenance Service of Green Areas and Compost Production
  • Civil and Industrial Cleaning Service
  • Concierge or Guardianship Service and Non - Armed Surveillance

The Board of Directors is thus formed:

  • CEO and Legal Reprentative: Paolo T Tucci @paololuffy91 (Biomedal Engineer, Environmentalist, Green Thumb, Green Maintenance Worker, Compost Manufacturer)
  • Partner Cooperator: Eugenio Carbone (Green Maintenance Offffficer, OperationPersonnel Management, Environmental Care, Industrial Civil Cleaning Officer)
  • Partner Cooperator: Fabio Espositoto* (Expenced Vigilante, Plant and Park Supervisor, Receptionist and Customer Reception, Green Maintenance Attendant, Supplier Contacts, Doorman)
The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden

The importance of a project like this lies in the hope that together and with the work, you can raise awareness to lead a healthy lifestyle, establishing a virtuous cycle economic and also energy eliminating waste altogether. For many years, in the South of the italic peninsula, the cancer of corruption has polluted the Government, giving life to a system that is highly detrimental to the management of public funds that were being siphoned off in other directions, causing in this way the degradation and failure of some basic facilities and necessary that any Country Civil should ensure, one of these is the management of the disposal and collection of solid urban waste. The bad management of the contracts combined with the constant presence of criminal organizations infiltrated in the Local Governments, yet persistent, has sown chaos in the whole Campania Region, the place where he was born l’Company CooperFelix-Multiservices and where we want to feel more the effects that the project wants to trigger. Many times on this territory the spotlight has been placed on newspapers and news outlets, who tried to record and testify to the degradation of these cities and the increasingly frequent episodes of toxic fires, so as to rename it as Land of fires. It is precisely in this part of the continent that there is a high number of deaths caused by the inhalation of air polluted by toxic burns along with a constant increase in cases of oncological diseases even of very young people of age.

All of this pushes our desire to provide an alternative to the community, hoping in a possible collaboration of Associations and Local Administrations Virtuous, for the disposal of the fraction vegetable, dramatically reducing the possibility of episodes that see these fires to be born once again in our territory, disguising the waste of different nature and that emit dioxin into the air.

The goal of the Company CooperFelix-Multiservices is to provide a service, maintenance, and disposal of vegetable waste resulting from the works of gardening and turn this pile (defined in technical terms Biomass) in a natural fertilizer called Compost, favouring in this way the recycling of waste organic vegetable and giving life to a virtuous mechanism of circular economy. The absence of a composting plant in our territory makes this project unique in its originality and for this reason advantageous and innovative. There are many companies in the sector that operate in our territory, but unfortunately none that is able to offer a quality and 100% ecological service.

The benefits of the project would bring to the community are numerous: the significant reduction of the amount of municipal solid waste that the companies in the sector need to dispose of, reducing the phenomenon of burning toxic, reducing the tax burden on the municipal tax for the disposal of waste for the citizens of the virtuous, the production of high quality compost to sell at Private and Project Consortium encouraging in this way the use of natural fertilizers, and, therefore, o, of the organigriculture, avoiding poisons and pesticides that harm the living beings.

Negative aspects or disadvantageous to the project: the company is managed by young people, and this could convey a perception of inexperience or limited competence, the company is new and therefore little known in the area, there are many other companies that operate in the same sector and a fierce competition on the prices of the services.

We are aware of the fact that it will be difficult, our is first of all a cultural revolution, to teach people that the waste is harmful to themselves and their loved ones is difficult, especially in a world so full of ignorance and superficiality, this, however, should not feel despondent but make us stronger, we are confident that in the human soul resides a primordial instinct for survival and we intend to leverage on this aspect to convey our message green. We are young people, with a lot of Will and determination, we have been working in these areas for years but not in the light of the sun from a fiscal point of view, we are capable and enterprising even if unfortunately we do not have great financial resources. We will be able to be appreciated by our customers because we will offer a quality and eco-friendly service 100% at an acceptable price.

Due to lack of funds, we turned our gaze to the blockchain and in particular to this magnificent social which is Steemit. We have met many people from different countries and we are very happy and the fate of the project has occupied a small place in their hearts. Speaking of hearts, on our way we got to become part of a great family with a great heart. A community of talented and exquisite people who support numerous people from all over the world with fundraisers in different areas. It is to them that we turned for the realization of the CooperFelix-Multiservices Project and we are immensely grateful for the support that they are giving to the project, allowing us to begin our campaign crowdfunding on the platform Fundition.

The project is updated with post publishing weekly on the channel Steemit dedicated. We therefore invite interested users to follow the project page and the progress of the campaign, as well as the various stages of implementation, at the following link: THE CF-M PROJECT


The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden

Wellness Is Green

The CooperFelix - Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation


The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden

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