THE CF-M PROJECT - update to 17-9-2019

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Hello to all friends Steemians and welcome back to read the project posts CooperFelix-Multiservices. As already mentioned in a post some time ago, unfortunately the project is going through a period of stalemate, waiting for the bank together with the Credit Agency to pay a portion of the funds we required to carry out the project. Unfortunately, time is long and this could lead to different timing problems between the two credit institutions, not meeting certain deadlines and therefore with the possibility of no longer meeting the requirements for receiving funding.

As a result, I, the former administrator of the Cooperative Society CooperFelix-Multiservices together with my members that you have got to know among the mentions in the first posts of this account, we decided to carry out the project with much more scaled resources. The success of the project is noted in the medium-long term, so we decided to make ourselves operational by starting to buy primary goods.

We want to buy equipment for a value of about 2.500,00€ (2,765.00 USD), which include some things listed below:

  • Chainsaw for bursting pruning, cutting bar 25cm
  • Cut-off chainsaw, cutting bar 40cm
  • Bursting brush cutter with cutting accessories
  • Lawn mower, cutting diameter 48cm with mulching kit
  • Bursting blower/aspirator
  • Bursting hedge trimmer with bar length 75 cm
  • 7 HP burst bio-shredder

The tools listed above will be purchased from trusted retailers and at an affordable price depending on the availability of used products.

With regard to the production of compost we have prepared in an open space, a temporary cover where the residues of pruning and mowing of lawn for maceration will be deposited (composters will not be used for the production of compost). The production methodology will be the same as described in previous posts with the only difference being that the quantity of product will be much variable and longer as more control of the biomass that settles on the ground and more oxidation work will be required.

Soon we will update the steps to be reached also on the platform of crowdfunding that follows the project from the origins and to which we are very grateful for the support it provides to the project.

We thank the community of Fundition for the support provided to us and for allowing us to reach the first Goal of the last fundraising campaign. We are sure that communities care about people's well-being, but this aspect becomes very relative if we live in a world where waste of resources is huge and harmful, and causes numerous victims of all living species. This project was born with the aim of reducing this waste by taking advantage of natural mechanisms that make the process of disposal of plant waste simpler and more effective and enhancing the appearance ecological that many people distracted from everyday life omit causing harm to our Planet.

We ask for your help with donations to the project and many hearts that rain from the sky for the well-being of all.

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The CooperFelix-Multiservices Team is a group of willing boys and activists who decided to engage in this great project with the sole purpose of achieving a status of collective well-being by loving others as our brother and nature as our mother. The projects, however, are difficult and require time and energy to spend to achieve them, so we ask our followers and anyone who wants to contribute to make this world better, to evaluate the possibility of a donation to the project through the Fundition platform or by delegating a sum in steem to the Italian community (@steempostitalia) which supports the project.

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We would like to thank our Supporters as always and we invite those interested in the cause to contribute by donating to the Fundition platform or to the links below:

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The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden

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The CooperFelix - Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation


The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden