Ciacona in f-moll - Johann Pachelbel | Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 30

This is my entry for the Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 30. I'm playing Ciacona in f-moll by Johann Pachelbel. A Ciacona is also known as a Chaconne—meaning a type of musical form where a repetitive bass-line is used as the basis of the composition. The Chaconne was very popular in the baroque era and it gave the composer a "compositional skeleton" where decoration, variation, figuration and melodic invention could be employed.

Probably the most famous Chaconne in the musical world is the last movement of JS Bach's second violin partita. This monumental solo violin work was transcribed for many instruments, including the organ. Bach also wrote the Passacaglia in C minor (organ) which also resembles the structure of a Chaconne.

The Chaconne in F minor by Pachelbel is a very melancholic work and is one of six surviving chaconnes by the composer. I believe it is also one of his most well-known organ works. There are a lot of renditions of this piece on the internet and I'd like to think mine is a little unique. I have decided to register the entire piece using a pair of 4' Flutes (sounding like two Recorders) with a single 8' Bourdon in the pedal. I believe Pachelbel's variations can sufficiently add variety and interest to the listener without making further registration changes.

I hope you enjoyed my rendition of this piece :)

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By listening to those beautiful 4' flutes I felt peace inside me. It seems you had much peace while playing it...

24.07.2019 14:12

Peace with anxiety, trying to record it as best I could 😇

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24.07.2019 21:13

Did you try to play with your eyes closed?

25.07.2019 18:02

I have trouble hitting the right notes with my eyes open...

26.07.2019 11:25

Then hit the wrong notes instead!

27.07.2019 19:57

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24.07.2019 16:18

Hi contrabourdon,

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24.07.2019 18:50

Thank you @curie!

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24.07.2019 19:28

Good choice of registration. I think these kind of pieces are best played with as minimal regiutrations as possible; or none at all as you do here. The music provides variation, and the player can enhance that with his articulation.

Good to see and hear your organ is again in playing condition!

24.07.2019 18:58

Thank you. I last performed this piece two years ago and I went crazy with registrations for each variation. I think I much prefer this minimal approach now.

Yes, the organ is back in action but
some pipes are still being repaired in the pedal division. But it didn’t affect this performance 😉

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24.07.2019 21:25

Music is special, so is the musicians. It is a gift of God to those people who have the ability to create music, Sang a song in such a way that the soul of music has been transfer to the listeners. So in any way your effort is to be appreciated as a steamien it is important to acknowledge th effort.

It is also feels good that you gave a brief description about the history and importance of the music category you were done. I loved it and it surely a worth to spend some time for.

Cheers, Have a good day

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25.07.2019 05:01

Thank you. You are so kind.

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25.07.2019 07:22

ehy dear @contrabourdon, you are a great musician! your music knows how to cross the skin and enter the heart! maybe it's a bit melancholy but to me it seems so peaceful and relaxing !!
thanks for giving us this information about this type of music, which is not so common :-))
congratulation for your curie rating :-))

25.07.2019 13:07

Thank you.

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26.07.2019 03:21