Love my KeepKey

Recently @alexvanaken showed me how to use my keepkey and I really love this wallet.


I was worried it seemed like it could be confusing and I could mess it up and lose my crypto.

It is so intuitive and user friendly. And pretty cool because shapeshift took over keepkey and have some cool promos going.

I loved that you can scan the QR code straight to the keep key and overall am very happy with the size, screen, and ease of use.

I'm really glad I listened to Alex and moved my crypto to my keepkey. I like knowing my crypto is safe with me.

I love learning more about crypto and although I feel resistance and fear at times to my preconceived notions of how complicated it may be, I know it's just my fear of the unknown.

Part of what I love is the freedom of access to crypto and I feel much more empowered with my crypto in cold storage. Especially since I love to HODL anyway 😀

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05.10.2019 04:41