How I am Healing Myself Again and Working With Herbal Medicine

I haven't made the formal announcement yet, and I am so grateful to be gifted to be the general manager of Anna's Apothecary! It is such a gift to be able to work here and come to help spread herbal medicine to my community and all over the US ( that's as far as we can ship right now)


Here is a candid photo I took after an herb walk we hosted last Saturday. More on that ASAP!


The first tincture I have been using is holy basil, also known as Tulsi. Tulsi is an amazing adaptagenic herb that is healing and nourishing to the body. It helps with adrenal fatigue, thyroid, depression, anxiety. It is such a wonderful herb and in India it is revered and many have Tulsi growing in their courtyards and homes. Here is a picture of my tulsi!


It's a little weak and I'm nursing back to health. I grew tulsi in my garden this year and it was amazing.


I have also been taking this allergy medicine from my work. It has nettles, ginkgo biloba, and Reishi mushroom.

I could go on forever about all three of these things and here's my brief synapsis about each.
Nettles: great blood builder, full of iron, great for cleansing blood and increasing oxygen to the blood. Gingko Bilboa is great for increasing blood flow to the body and the brain
, anti aging, anti cancer, all around amazing herb. Reishi is a great anti histamine, cancer fighter, can lower cholesterol and help prevent blood clots. Should not be taken if you are on a blood thinning medication. 73598BF0-A8A0-48E9-9E78-AB2B48AD8A90.jpeg

In addition, I have been rubbing frankincense oil on my thyroid with my face lotion as a carrier oil that also has frankincense oil in it and repeating positive affirmations such as, it is safe to speak my truth, my voice is safe to be spoken. Thyroid is throat chakra and I believe in a holistic approach to healing. So I try and be in tune with the emotional aspects of the throat chakra, and to help with those.

Lastly, I have been dancing and stretching. It's amazing how 15 min of stretching and dancing can completely shift my perspective into positive and energetic and goal minded.

Lots of love and positive vibes to all you steemians! 💜💕💙

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That is so cool... congratulations!!! Looks like an awesome place to work!!!!

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10.10.2019 03:26

Thank you so much! I am so very grateful to be there 🙏🏻💜

10.10.2019 23:06