Hiking in the Moment: Being Present with the Wonders all Around

Mindful Monday beautiful Steemians. I have been offline and being in the moment of big transitions in my career and home. I am so grateful to finally share a Mindful Monday with you all, I missed you.


I started a new job outside of the home and it's been a big beautiful change for me. I have finally been feeling myself again and woke up Saturday morning determined to take a hike before it got blazing hot.

As you can see from his smile and drool, Anjel was in pure bliss. We both love to hike and it's truly our sanctuary and classroom.


For me, my mindfulness was not so much going inside myself but to be observant and present to my surroundings. I started with the beautiful clear blue sky. I gave thanks and focused on gratitude for being in nature with my sweet boy.

Then I became mindful of here I wanted to hike, which trails called to me, and where to go. I actually had gotten lost the weekend before without water and it almost got scary, luckily some nice people mountain biking gave me water and got me turned around where I needed to be.

I had water and I wanted to again let myself be led as to where to go instead of hiking my usual way. It was amazing right before we stumbled into this beautiful meadow of wildflowers a red tailed hawk started making loud noises and got my attention. He did a beautiful fly by and then met up with another red tailed hawk. This was powerful to me because red tailed hawks symbolize being the observer and watching things unfold.


I loved these thistles they are so fascinating. I looked at the bright colors. I spoke all the colors to Anjel on the hike in Spanish and English. He is fascinated with nature and loves when I speak Spanish. We looked at many flowers and examined their colors and looked for bees.

I decided to continue on the path I've never been and came to this big climb.


I was nervous that I wasn't strong enough and inside I wanted to climb it. The rocks were symbolic of the crazy challenges I have overcome this year. Again I stayed in the moment and actually found some footprints in the sand. I focused on the footprints and the thought that someone else had made it and used this same path gave me strength to push myself. I just kept returning to the rocks and the foot prints.


I'm happy to say we made it and I am so grateful for my beautiful, strong body.

This hike for me was all about being present in the moment. This was the easiest time I've had in so long being able to do that! I'm finally out of the toxic work environment and I can see now how much of my energy it was draining.

Hiking for me is my gift to myself. It is truly my time of peace and sanctuary.

Thank you all for sharing in my journey πŸ’œ

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welcome back and glad you've found a new role. Amazing you can get out and enjoy some stunning nature with you're boy. We all need a break occasionally and nowt better than to spend it in nature πŸ’―πŸ’

22.08.2019 17:48

Thanks so much!! I've really begun to appreciate the gift of nature and how much it has to offer all of us. Thanks for the love and support and hope you are doing well πŸ˜€πŸŒž

24.08.2019 13:56

Once it's rediscovered nature will only grow and develop that feeling within you. You have started a wonderful journey enjoy!

I am doing well thanks and you are very welcome, we are all in the together πŸ’―πŸ’

24.08.2019 21:36

Yes that's so true!! Thanks so much, yes we all are ☺️

29.08.2019 03:55

And this notion will grow until the pivotal point where everything changes πŸ’―πŸ’

29.08.2019 06:49

You’ve been visited by @walkerland on behalf of Natural Medicine!

What a beautiful hike and lovely photos! Walking in nature is my place of peace and sanctuary as well - so glad you pushed yourself and conquered the climb.

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24.08.2019 12:33

Thanks so much for the love @walkerland! I am so grateful you find peace in nature too. It was a great feeling to have made it up there. Very grateful for my strong body πŸ˜€

24.08.2019 13:57

Glad you're back ( both to Steemit and yourself ). There's nothing like a hike in nature.

Hugs from Switzerland!

24.08.2019 14:46

Thanks so much! My Steemify isn't working and I just saw this comment. Thanks so much, sounds like you've been having a lot of fun, good for you ☺️ Love how we get to share our lives from all over the world!! Many blessings πŸ’œ Switzerland sounds so amazing

29.08.2019 03:54