Full Moon Vibes: How to Channel The Moon Energy for Maximum Benefit


This full moon seems to be hitting me hard. Anyone else feeling it? I woke up to the hot water heater breaking and then felt a ton of heart ache on the way to work.

Humans are made of water so similar to the tide the moon pulls on our energy systems too.

Some tips for dealing with this energy.

Channel it into what you want, clean if you feel energized and want to organize. I love riding the full moon energy wave and de cluttering and getting rid of old things. (This could even be deleting texts and pictures on your phone)

Do a tarot or tune stones reading for yourself. Divination tools can be a beautiful thing, try to tap into your high self on the full moon when the veil is thin.

Take a bath. Water is magical and can energetically cleanse you as well as physical help cleanse you too.

Journal. Write down your powerful emotions and process them so you can evolve. Set intentions and go back and read them later.

Create your own ritual! Rituals are empowering, so light some candles, write a letter and burn it, do what calls you!

https://chopracentermeditation.com/?sso_code=eyJpdiI6InNxVFkrS2J1RlJQV0tucW9YOXUwQ0E9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoiSFwvY3p3V3dLVGFmK2JSdoor though! Gotta eHZFYzFEMDNGa2x0T3lsT2FSSGNQdFNaUk5Bem9tUnhwV3NcLytXeFhwVkJLUVBtdDlcL0RcL1wvYmtRelJLVk1zVkNYTkNVc0t4RzJFRVNHOG83cz0iLCJtYWMiOiI5MDIwNTVjNjcxYTc0NGMxMmY5NTQyOWYyNTc3NDRlYTE3MmQ5Y2Y2NjBkZmFhODhlMzliNDliMTFmYjBkY2I2In0%3D

Smude your house with sage, sweet grass, and whatever else you prefer as a clearing herb. Make sure to open a window to door tho! Gotta give stuff a way to exit 🙏ðŸŧ

Happy full moon and may this full moon bring you some peace and clarity 💜🙏ðŸŧðŸĶ‹

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13.11.2019 12:01

Yes the full moon can be a powerful time for the emotional state, as the gravity of the moon pulls on the water in our bodies. Good advice there in your post.

14.11.2019 09:14

Thank you! I'm glad you found it helpful 🌟

15.11.2019 02:21

Indeed, I always find my mind carried away by the moonlight.

14.11.2019 10:23

It's very energetically powerful!! Always brings out the creativity in me ðŸ’Ŧ

15.11.2019 02:22

Good to have the heads up to channel the energy of the full moon!
I could feel the energy but didn't really channel it properly, just catching the tail end!
Thanks for sharing!

15.11.2019 02:17

You got it! I love syncing with the moon, this one seemed to be super charged hahah ðŸĪŠâ­ïļ

18.11.2019 14:05

I do feel a bit restless when there's a full moon 🌝

15.11.2019 14:59

I love to channel that into cleaning!! Haha

20.11.2019 05:39

That full moon rattled me a bit too. Glad its over. Excited about my white sage which is growing really well!

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18.11.2019 05:44

It's been an intense time of energy. Has the mercury retrograde seemed worse for you as well? Aww that's wonderful, your garden is so lovely. 💕🙏ðŸŧ💜

20.11.2019 05:40

I approve of this mindful post.
Upvote 👍

20.11.2019 13:29

Thank you! I appreciate it

20.11.2019 17:58