Mont Saint Michel - Unique abbey on island in France

Mont Saint Michel - Unique abbey on island in France

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Mont Saint Michel is quite a unique and interesting place to visit, located near the region of Normandy in France. The island is home to an impressive abbey along with a commune of around 50 permanent residents (yes people actually live here!) and shops for the many tourists that visit.'

We visited the night before we actually explored and would recommend this, as watching the sunset with the island in the background is an amazing experience.

Watching the sunset over Saint Mont Michel

We parked in the nearby tow, which was free and probably about a 2 kilometer walk to Saint Mont Michel. I think you can park closer for a fee. Saint Mont Michel is a very touristy spot, so I recommend leaving as early as possible to avoid the masses...

A stroll towards Mont Saint Michel

The walk along the path is well marked, and it is really nice to take it all in. Approaching from a distance puts into perspective how impressive this island really is.

Getting close...

As can be seen this buildings are literally carved into the rock - impressive! The tide times can be checked online, and it is always recommended to go during low tide - you can go onto the sand and walk around part of the island. Be careful though, as we were told the tide can change quickly and people have been stranded before. Alternatively you can go during high tide and see the island surrounded by water! Dont worry there is a bridge connected...

Checking out the streets of Mont Saint Michel

What is great here is that the streets (yes streets, or more like alleyways) are buzzing with activity. We walked in and checked out many of the shops but didnt buy anything as it was pricey. There was a charge to go into the actual commune, and we didnt bother, as it was impressive enough from the outside.

Getting a closer look.

What was really cool was seeing some of the houses and people going on with their daily places - its not a place I would like to live with that many tourists going past my front door every day! It is quite a complex set of pathways and a really great place to explore and get lost in!

A great place to visit! All photos taken by me

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Thank you for the cool close ups and great wide shots. You are at one of my bucket list spots :)

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Thanks! It was very cool!

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