There’s Nothing Like An Ice Cold...

Red Stripe with dinner. Probably my favorite beer, Red Stripe holds some sentimental value with me. It goes back to when I could legally drink in Jamaica on my last trip in 2014.

I was only 18 at the time but Red Stripe was my first ’legal drink.’ It would still today be my beer of choice too.

Red Stripe - the imported lager beer brewed in Jamaica.

It doesn’t get any more Jamaican than Red Stripe. All the Jamaicans are drinking one as we speak, and as I, conradsuperb, sit here and enjoy mine with my delicious dinner, courtesy @super-irie !!

Ya mon - cheers to another week

PS - stay tuned as I will be announcing my new sub-community here on ReggaeSteem in the near future 😎🇯🇲

Jah Bless,


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Nothing like a redstripe! I need to grab some online for bbq season.

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24.02.2020 07:17

Yo you need to is right ! Can’t bbq without the importer goods

Respect dmilliz

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24.02.2020 12:10

I had these every time I went to visit my brother in Switzerland. We don't have them here in Serbia. It also brings good memories when I see this bottle. :)

24.02.2020 10:11

Wow , red stripes in Switzerland, that’s awesome! The Jamaican beer in Swiss 😎

When I was in Switzerland, and Europe for that matter, I was on an all wine diet 😂

Ps you’ve been to Jamaica, right ?
(I briefly remember you telling me about it once? 🤔)

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24.02.2020 12:09

No, I've never been to Jamaica, the only place outside Europe I've been to was Thailand. :) But I would definitely love to visit Jamaica some day. :D

24.02.2020 12:15

Ohhh maybe you were talking to me about some of your Jamaican friends or some Jamaicans you met at a music festival one time... i can’t remember exactly but I i know we chatted about it many moons ago!!

Great to see you back and steeming :)
Yes, Jamaica is a fun time - maybe I’ll see you there one day 😎

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24.02.2020 22:31

Oh yes, I do know a few Jamaican people that were/still are living here, in my city where we also have a popular music festival with reggae stage on it. It's always fun! :)

25.02.2020 06:56

that's very cool :-)
what time of year is that festival?
are the people a blazing the ganjaa

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29.02.2020 13:48

It begins first or second Thursday of July and the last day is on Sunday (always 4 days in total).

You know what it is, haha! :)

It's a big festival with 10-ish music stages with all kinds of different music so there's all kinds of people too, lol.

29.02.2020 14:51

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26.02.2020 15:02

a classic around the world

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26.02.2020 17:23