STEEM POWER PoD, Max ROI, and help from a new user: Let your SP work for YOU!

My guy @super-irie recently joined the steem platform and almost instantaneously went from plankton to dolphin status in one fell swoop. What an epic transition that would have been going from plankton to dolphin in a single stroke of the fin. It usually takes time to learn to swim, but @super-irie is swimming for the first time without the help of a buoyancy device. Technically, it would have been much more difficult to do this back when the price of STEEM was more than a $1. Nonetheless, a single power-up of nearly 5,000 SP is still mightily impressive.

It takes time here to earn followers, support, and encourage engagement among peers. As a direct result, many new users fall off the deep end because they have difficulty swimming in such a vast, deep ocean controlled by those with the most SP. I told @super-irie of all the issues I had, and still continue to have, about the platform, but also went on to tell him of the tremendous opportunities that are available here. Projects like @spinvest, @steembasicincome, @qurator, @curangel, and even the separate steem marketplace known as steem-engine. He was fascinated with everything that is taking place on the STEEM blockchain, and decided to take the plunge for himself.

He went from 0 to 4,000 SP on his first power up, and even delegated some SP to a few projects that I recommended. He recently told me he wasn’t too satisfied with the projects he was delegating to, and thus we talked more in depth about his goals. Much of his interest resides in long-term, passive income, which is why @spinvest was so favorable to him from the get-go.

We talked, and he told me, “why not do exactly what @spinvest does with their SP to earn daily, weekly, monthly payments in STEEM for filling lease requests through dlease.” I pondered for a minute and quickly thought to myself, “Hmmm, how did my two-year-old fins not think of that…” His proposition quickly resonated with me, and I have decided to do some research regarding this method of earning STEEM on the side using SP and its fantastic ROI utilities.


I still plan to delegate to projects like @steembasicincome and @qurator since they give me a nice upvote on my posts, especially since I try to be active on here daily. The other projects I delegated to; however, were just not giving me the ROI I know SP is capable of. That’s where dlease comes into play now for the both of us. @Super-irie and I talked and we came to conclusion that this method of SP investing is much more beneficial for long-term, passive growth using staked STEEM.

We now both fill lease requests using our SP and earn a nice chunk of daily STEEM with which we can use however we’d like. I think super-irie is using his daily payout earnings to invest more into a project I turned him onto: @spinvest. I will likely either do the same or simply power-up my liquid STEEM to continue filling lease requests earning me passive STEEM, ultimately helping me to reach my goals here on the platform.

This example just goes to show that new users can help the platform and its users grow. I like where things are headed and I certainly like the current state of STEEM. The price is most certainly undervalued given everything taking place in the background as we continue to build our foundations. I see a lot of people taking advantage of the current price point and investing a little here and a little there. Who knows where we are headed from here, but now might not be a bad time to pick up some STEEM to add to your stake. Imagine when the price really does take off. You will be hitting yourself upside the head wondering why you didn’t buy in when the price was hovering around $0.15 – $0.16.

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15.09.2019 20:42

We saw it before. Many talked about how "lucky" people were to invest at 7 cents (80 cents; $1.35; or whatever). People were complaining about the token price when it was $2 so that is the constant we can expect.

I agree many will be kicking themselves. If one believes in Steem, it is a no-brainer to invest in the token if one can afford it. Thus, the returns could be huge for those who take the plunge.

What I like about SPInvest is the opportunity for community to enhance the return. This is not something one can do on his or her own. And do not underestimate how the SPI tokens might be priced when all are tend to pay up for high growth assets.

That is how I foresee SPI ended up over the next few years.

Steem is going to place huge numbers in people's wallets if they are consistent with their activity and patient enough for development to take place.

15.09.2019 21:05

Definitely. I tend to bank on investments heading back to where they once were at ATHs. I think $2 is still an extremely undervalued price of STEEM. Don’t get me wrong, people are going to be going bananas when this happens, but I will not sell steem for less than $10 a token.

If I’m thinking correctly, SPI is in direct relation to exactly 1 SP. If the price of steem stays low, SPI will be pegged right around that particular price. When Steem goes, SPI will go, not necessarily when SPI goes fully decentralized after all tokens have been sold.

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15.09.2019 21:47
15.09.2019 21:48

I like taking the approach of diversity and spreading it around to see how each project does. While I had to recently stop a couple, most times I have done fairly well despite some leaving for good. The beauty of delegation is that you can always get it back!

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15.09.2019 23:03

I agree. I had this mindset a while back, spreading for the good of projects looking to benefit the community. I think I may get back to this but for now I am seriously enjoying the APR from dlease requests. SP is quite a diverse investment itself as there are numerous ways to let it go to work.

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15.09.2019 23:09

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