SPUD X and JPUD IV Now LIVE - Stake Your Way to Stay at JAHMfest !!!


Another month has gone by in the blink of an eye. It seems just yesterday we were celebrating the start of the new year. Time stops for nothing so take advantage of the time you're given as you never know what life may bring.

Another month in the books means another SPUD and JPUD has begun. The initiative was originally started by @streetstyle approximately 10 months ago. SPUD has been going strongly ever since and SPUD X has now commenced. Please see this month's initiation post for full details and neat prizes for qualifying steemians.

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I will be participating in SPUD X with a 77.825 STEEM power up bringing my total SP stake to 9,500. Your power up may be as small or large as you wish. Whatever you are able to power up is sufficient and will only add more staked STEEM to the entire pool of SP.

An initiative which spurred from the original SPUD idea was started for the ReggaeSteem tribe by @crypticat known as JPUD (See this month's JPUD post here). It's the same as SPUD except we power up our liquid JAHM turning it into JAHMpow. The more JAHM power you have, just like SP, the more influence one carries when engaging on the platform. This initiative also acts as a catalyst for users actively a part of the tribe to get that much closer to the coveted JAHM Stake 'N Stay (JSNS).

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Essentially, anyone who stakes 100,000 JAHM will become eligible to redeem a JSNS which can be used at select locations for 3 FREE nights stay in Negril, Jamaica (**Terms & Conditions apply - read here for more details).

Currently, four members of the tribe have reached this epic milestone.

Who will be joining us in beautiful Negril, Jamaica?

It's Finally Official, Folks...

Come join us in Negril the last weekend of June as the recent announcement and confirmation of JAHMfest - an epic 3-day Carribean Blockchain Conference and JAHM Session in Negril, Jamaica hosted June 26th, 27th and 28th - has finally been released by the @reggaesteem main account. The epic post detailing full event info. including an event overview, event summary, package deals and more went live last night. The post may be found here for more information. If anything, please reach out in the comments or the ReggaeSteem Discord and we will be sure to get your questions answered immediately.

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Anyone who stakes to 100K JAHM before JAHMfest will recieive an irie discount on their event ticket (40% off original list price). Keep staying active and stake that JAHM - you'll regret it if you don't when you see us all in Negril come June!

Suspect nothing less than shear epic-ness when it comes to JAHMfest as the event will provide a keystone look in this next generation technology starting and expanding from the roots of Jamaica. Early bird ticket sales are now live on LeoShop, JAHMfest transportation has been confirmed (thanks to Andy from @thrillertours), and venue locations (@MiYard, @NegrilEscape, @SeaStarInn, @Bar-B-Barn) have been set! Now all you have to do is get your ticket. Please see main account @reggaesteem for info. and feel free to drop your questions.

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Please reach out here in theReggaeSteem Discord channel if you have any questions regarding the event, or any questions for that matter.

In celebration of JPUD (in addition to my 77.825 SPUD), I will be powering up another 10,000 JAHM.

Welcome to ReggaeSteem

@reggaesteem's ultimate reward system. The JAHM Stake and Stay Token is explained in detail Keep Powering Up and you can JAHM your way to JAHMFEST!

Come Join Us On ReggaeSteem Today!


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Always keeping it Irie Conrad. See you at JAHMFEST!

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded
01.02.2020 18:18

Back at you bredda!!

Posted using Partiko iOS

02.02.2020 02:13

@conradsuperb, SPUD and JPUD is flowing strongly for sure. Definitely JAHMFEST is bringing new Wave Of Excitement on the Steem Blockchain. Let's hope that this event will become game changing for the ReggaeSteem Ecosystem and Steem Blockchain.

You have a abundant time out there in June. Stay blessed brother. 🙂

Posted using Partiko Android

01.02.2020 20:07

Nothing short of extraordinary
We here on ReggaeSteem keep it visionary
Expect nothing that’s considered ordinary

We stacking high and letting it fly

Respect rocks

Posted using Partiko iOS

02.02.2020 15:59

These are sounding as empowering and spirited words brother. Stay blessed.

03.02.2020 04:02

Thank you @conradsuperb for supporting the #spud movement! Take care.

02.02.2020 00:19

More like thank you !!

Posted using Partiko iOS

02.02.2020 02:13

Excellent JSPUD. Man you the most epic power up posts. JAHM packed with crunchy info.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded
02.02.2020 14:58

Ya mon we moving this up n up and gotta show people the way. They can follow as we lead or they can be left wishing they’d stacked, staked and stayed for the long haul 🇯🇲💪🏼

Nothing but respect

Posted using Partiko iOS

02.02.2020 16:01

slowly working up.. added a bit more 💪

04.02.2020 04:07