ReggaeSteem in Negril - From Tribe to Smart City | JAHMfest June 26-28, 2020 | Early Bird Tix Now Live

A lot has been happening both on the front line as well as behind the scenes. Whether it's seen or not, just know that the team is putting in loads of work to propel this tribe beyond just a "community belonging to the larger ecosystem on STEEM."

Surely what has been built up until this point wouldn't have been possible without the STEEM blockchain. What's really interesting to me is the amount of growth taking place within just the ReggaeSteem tribe alone. Certainly everyone that has been active here knows the amount of work taking place, which has lead to JAHM-specific advancements propelling ReggaeSteem to new places other tribes would dream of reaching. There are a few other tribes out there that are also making some serious headway, but this post is specifically meant to shill JAHM and ReggaeSteem (sorry about your luck to the other tribes I'm thinking of).

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The STEEM blockchain was the perfect place for the birth of ReggaeSteem for a number of reasons. Since all of us here know centralized platforms will be a way of the past in the future, we are all going to benefit that much more when the masses begin to come. Building out and from the ground up is setting the foundation for the those who will come later and still be considered "early."

Decentralized social media platforms and blockchain communities are where things are going to turn in terms of social networking. Communities like ReggaeSteem are at the forefront of disrupting this space and leading this next generation technology by expanding the knowledge in the Caribbean - a place that is already crypto-friendly. By formulating the roots from Jamaica - an active trendsetter for much of the Caribbean region - ReggaeSteem has the opportunity to make Jamaica the first smart city in the entire region. This is exactly what JAHMfest (June 26-28th) - the first independent Blockchain conference in Jamaica - is meant to do. By empowering communities together from around the world, JAHMfest will provide a stage for all to network and connect while removing the trust barriers stereotyped onto Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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I see STEEM and projects like ReggaeSteem as a sort of middle-man when it comes to social media. Decentralized platforms have such a vast means of creating, storing, and sharing tech-based data on the block, which creates a completely open, honest and transparent way for businesses and individuals to operate. The tech behind the Blockchain which ReggaeSteem is built from is specifically meant to store this data, making website design and creation that much easier for devs like @donald.porter. There's no need to build out the application when you can just build right on top of what is already there.

The epic-ness continues, as it for one - has never stopped. Be on the look out for roll outs and more details pertaining to updates from the team as it pertains to JAHMfest - an EPIC 3-day festival in Negril, Jamaica spreading Blockchain awareness in the Caribbean (featuring live music venues and a private island jam session!)

I hope to see you all in Jamaica come June

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This post deserves a MASSIVE UPVOTE from all involved. Reggaesteem is going to be involved in everybody’s future.
The best is yet to be.
Stack if your smart.
Sellers will be looking
back and saying,
‘Should of Could of’
Do yourself a favor and
read this post again.

30.01.2020 01:41

Reggaesteem is shaping and carving the way into the future of crypto Caribbean tourism. We’re at the center of it all and I only see the expansion extending outreach to more and more parties becoming involved

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30.01.2020 13:25

i agree with you...

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30.01.2020 15:51

The timing is so perfect for JAHMFEST as Jamaica is warming up to Blockchain and very open to the tech. They just need to be educated about how they can use it now. And ReggaeSteem and the entire Steem blockchain is the way. Yeah man Jamaica is also the perfect location as it is a major influence in the Caribbean to get the ball rolling. And who doesn't wanna go to Jamaica? HAHAAHA.
JAHMIN on the beach in fine crypto style:) ( just the content alone one could get during their stay is worth the trip. And then the project presentations, cultural showcases and man the locations.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded
30.01.2020 01:45

It will be a nice opportunity to provide the necessary tools and education to those in need at the conference. It’s really not too bad, and once it becomes a learned behavior it will be like second nature, even to the youth as well as the older population.

I’m looking forward and can’t wait for the event. It will be awesome to showcase, connect, engage, and create awareness - the key to spreading this outward to more of the Caribbean region.

See you in June, right ??

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30.01.2020 13:28

Jamaica can become the centre of American Crypto-Tourism, they're open to business.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded
30.01.2020 06:22

It’s right next door. I need to be the arm and the leg for North American adoption. Any ideas, 😸 ?

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30.01.2020 13:29

Consistency, long term focus and a strategy to target an audience. You could post on Facebook groups, subreddits, Twitter, etc. When someone who likes crypto or the Caribbean says something, talk back to them with a tag at the bottom on whatever you say. Don't be too direct about it. I may try some forums too. Even trip advisor, still haven't made any reviews there and am going to slowly add them as more blogs are made. You'd be suprised how many thousands of lurkers there are.

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30.01.2020 15:49