Landscaping by @conradsuperb with the help and ideas from @super-irie

Check out this nice landscape addition I helped @super-irie with at his beautiful home. Most of the ideas were envisioned over time by @super-irie himself, but a few ideas here and there from myself as well as a buddy of mine sparked additional thought processes toward reaching the final product. My buddy used to work as a landscape architect, so whenever we would run into an issue, we would use his experience and expertise to full advantage. We are really happy and satisfied with the final product, and hope @super-irie is as well!!

The next steps are to pick and spray for any weeds or grass that may come up trough the 5 yards of topsoil we laid down to better grade the hill as well as purchase and lay seed when the weather is a bit cooler (maybe late September sometime).

It’s awesome to start a project and see its manifestation over time. This project took a total of 12 hours and a lot changed since we first began. Let me know if you need some landscaping done at your place, I’d be happy to help you build some super walls!!

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