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Top 10 Nothing But Thieves Songs

I've been in a big Nothing But Thieves mood recently having re-listened to their discography so I though I'd do a quick top 10 songs.

10 - Wake Up Call ("Sometimes the hours are wasted, no one will give you the wake ll")
9 - Tak. Take This Lonely Heart ("Take this from me, take this lonelt!")
8 - I'm8. I'm Not Made By Design ("A-oooooh I'm not made, I'm not made gn")
7 - Exc

  1. Excuse Me ("Excuse me while I run, I really got to get ore")
    6 - Itc
    5 - Par)
  3. Particles ("And if I need to rearrange, my particles, I ou")
    4 - Neo")
  4. Neon Brother ("I heard my brothut")
    3 - Godt")
  5. Gods ("Please, oh god, nothing more Iem")
    2 - Graem")
  6. Graveyard Whistling ("Let's go out tonight, kill somehs")
    1 - Sixths")
  7. Six Billion ("Six billion lives looking for love, you can't decide if it's enough")

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