Some of my favourite comic book artists

When reading comic books, the art is really quite important for me. I think the order of importance goes something like:

  1. Dialogue (if it's painfully bad to me, like a lot of old comics, I will probably not enjoy the comic at all)
  2. Art
  3. Story/plotting

Although 2 and 3 are very close you can see how much I value art in comics and that is why I get really excited when I see particularly stellar art in a book. It makes me very eager to read on.

So I will share some of my favourite artists in comics books today!

Alex Ross

Alex Ross is an obvious choice and is clearly one of the most skilled artists working in comics today. Ross paints his art which differentiates him from most other artists. As a result, his art is beautiful, realistic and it also takes a very long time to make, which is why he mostly sticks to covers. However when he does do interiors it is brilliant!

Alex Ross Justice.jpg
Alex Ross Galactus.jpg
Immortal Hulk.jpg
Notable works by Alex Ross include Justice, Marvels and Immortal Hulk (Covers)

Gabriele Dell'Otto

Another painter, Gabriele Dell'Otto's art has a bit of a darker tone than Alex Ross but I love it just as much. Dell'Otto also sticks mainly to coverwork but has done a few interiors as well.

Secret War.jpg
SpiderVerse Dell'Otto.jpg
Notable works by Gabriele Dell'Otto include Secret War and Spider-Man: Family Business

Clayton Crain

Instead of painting, Clayton Crain uses the digital medium to its fullest potential to deliver beautifully detailed pieces. Crain has quite a small body of work and mostly draws for short limited series and some covers. Despite this, he has drawn some of my favourite pages.

Ghost Rider.jpg
Notable works by Clayton Crain include Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation, Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears and Carnage

Alex Maleev

Alex Maleev's art is much simpler than the previous artists here and is very dark. Maleev's best work is for street-level heroes like Daredevil and Moon Knight

Daredevil Maleev.jpg
Moon Knight Maleev.jpg
Notable works by Alex Maleev include Daredevil and Moon Knight

Mike Wieringo (RIP)

Unlike the other artists on this list Mike Wieringo's art is cartoony and playful, but still fairly realistic. It is perfect for lighter comics like Fantastic Four. His art style is so clean and very pleasant to look at.

FF Wieringo.jpg
Notable works by Mike Wieringo include Fantastic Four and Tellos

Thanks for reading! What are your favourite comic book artists!

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Love that Carnage cover!

18.09.2019 15:55

Another cool list. Big fan of Alex Maleev and Alex Ross personally. I’d probably add Mike Allred, Sara Pichelli, and Tim Sale to my list. Cool stuff.

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18.09.2019 21:30


Ah yeah Mike Allred! His art is very interesting and I have to be in a specific mood for it. I've only seen it in X-Force/X-Statix where it works fantastically but I feel like it would be weird in most other things. He's definitely skilled though. What are some notable Sara Pichelli works? I'm not sure I've seen any of their stuff.

18.09.2019 21:42

Most notably is Ultimate Spider Man. The Miles Morales one. Some Guardians of the Galaxy as well. Her work just does it for me.

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18.09.2019 21:46

Ah I've seen some of that Miles Spidey, it is really good looking indeed!

19.09.2019 14:31

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

19.09.2019 03:10


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