Share your favourite music starting with Y!

Welcome back to my favourite music...alphabetically.

Favourite Artist: Yamajet

Genre: Hardcore Electronic
Don't know any bands starting with Y (still haven't listened to Yes yet!) so I have to go with another artists I know from rhythm games. Yamajet isn't one of my favourite artists but their songs are pretty good. Check out: Hard Landing and Gardenia.

Favourite Album: You Won't Get What You Want by Daughters

Genre: Noise Rock, Industrial Rock
This album is scary. It's a weird word to describe music with but it's true. It's dark, anxious and intimidating. This was the first Noise Rock album I'd heard and it impressed me a whole lot with how different it is to what I normally listen to. The sounds here are harsh and weird and it sounds really odd but so amazing. There's a reason this album is number 1 for 2018 on rym. Check out: Less Sex (weird title aside, this song is absolutely incredible. It's so atmospheric and ominous and has amazing instrumentation).

Favourite Song: You and Whose Army? by Radiohead

Genre: Art Rock
A beautiful and ethereal Radiohead track, what's not to love?

Thanks for reading! What are your favourites that start with Y (bit of a tricky one again!)? Comment below!

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band - yes , album - you, by gong song - you'l never walk alone :P (liverpool fan)

11.09.2019 18:46