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Welcome back to my favourite music...alphabetically.

Favourite Artist: Opeth

Genre: Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Acoustic Rock
Opeth's style is long songs with louder metal parts and softer acoustic passages. The acoustic passages are pretty beautiful and the metal sections are pretty good too. They can be a bit repetitive at times, and they are much more rock focused nowadays but they're mostly pretty great. Check out: Blackwater Park (2001)

Favourite Album: Origin of Symmetry by Muse

Genre: Alternative Rock with progressive elements
The first album I really fell in love with was Origin of Symmetry. It's fallen a bit out of my favour but it still has some of Muse's finest songs (New Born, Citizen Erased). This is the peak of rock-focused Muse in my opinion even though it has a few weaker tracks. Check out: New BornCitizen Erased

Favourite Song: Optimistic by Radiohead

Genre: Alternative Rock, Art Rock
Fantastic song on a fantastic album. You can't really go wrong with anything on Kid A. Optimistic has a really catchy chorus and Thom's vocals are fantastic here.

Thanks for reading! What are your favourites that start with O? Comment below!

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Comments 4

band - ozric tentacles, album- out of time , REM song- overture, rush

29.08.2019 11:45
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • OK Computer by Radiohead
  • Ocean Eyes by Billy Eilish (amazing voice & songwriting with her brother)
29.08.2019 12:42

Good choices! (Maybe except for Billy Eilish :P)

29.08.2019 15:59