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Share your favourite music starting with K!

Welcome back to my favourite music...alphabetically.

Favourite Artist: Kyuss

Genre: Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal
All of Kyuss' releases are solid, featuring typical booming, fuzzy guitar tones of stoner metal with really great unique vocals from John Garcia. Josh Homme of QOTSA fame is excellent on guitar here too. Check out: Kyuss [Welcome to Sky Valley] (1994)

Favourite Album: Kid A by Radiohead

Genre: Art Rock, Experimental Rock, Electronic
One of the three Radiohead albums I give 10/10, Kid A is pretty much perfect. From the mysterious Everything In It's Right Place to the lively and electronic Idioteque, Kid A is at once eclectic and thoroughly cohesive. Everything is indeed in it's right place here. Check out: How to Disappear CompletelyIdioteque and basically any song on this album, listen to it all.

Favourite Song: Keep Your Eyes Peeled by Queens of the Stone Age

Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock
The excellent opener to my favourite QOTSA album, Keep Your Eyes Peeled has a suspenseful opening, a sexy, sexy guitar tone and superb soloing. A great way to start the album.

Thanks for reading! What are you favourites that start with K? Comment below!

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