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Welcome back to my favourite music...alphabetically.

Favourite Artist: Judas Priest

Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Similarly riff and vocal-focused hard rock/heavy metal, Judas Priest are another famous gem from the early days of metal, with masterpieces like Sad Wings of DestinyStained Class and Painkiller. They peaked in the 70s for me and I find their most popular releases (Killing Machine and British Steel) a bit overrated actually. Screaming for Vengeance and Defenders of the Faith aren't quite on the level of their 'S' trilogy but they show a development in style, leaning towards Iron Maiden-style riffs. Then after two very lackluster releases, Judas Priest put out Painkiller in 1990, a rip-roaring showcase of talent and riffs with some of their best songs. Unfortunately they've stayed a bit 'meh' since then, with the low point of the dreadful Demolition in 2001, a weak follow-up to the already mediocre Jugulator, an attempt to chase the Groove Metal trend. Their latest release, Firepower, is quite good and a welcome return to their roots (the title track is pretty fantastic!). Rob Halford's vocals shine throughout Judas Priest's discography as do K.K. Downing's guitars. Check out: Stained Class (1978) and Painkiller (1990).

Favourite Album: Jupiter by Atheist

Genre: Technical Death Metal
I haven't listened to many good albums beginning with J. Jupiter is Athiest's fairly good most recent album. It's got good riffs and vocals, it's just pretty good! At least it's not bad! Check out: Second to Sun I guess, no real standout tracks.

Favourite Song: Jigsaw Falling Into Place by Radiohead

Genre: Alternative Rock, Art Rock
Fantastic fast-paced song from Radiohead's In Rainbows, one of their top albums. Of course it's on here! Very nicely ethereal and Thom Yorke's vocals are brilliant as always. This is a great one!

Thanks for reading! What are you favourites that start with J? Comment below!

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band - jefferson airplane , album - joshua tree, U2, song - jacobs ladder , rush

22.08.2019 20:51

I'm leaving on a jefferson airplane , Don't know when I'll be back again ..... :p

22.08.2019 22:51


23.08.2019 11:41

Ah yes, Rush, should really check them out. Heard good things about that U2 record too!

23.08.2019 14:27

rush are mind blowing and joshua tree is the best U2 ever did , a masterpiece

23.08.2019 17:25