Share your favourite music starting with E!

Welcome back to my favourite music...alphabetically.

avourite Band: Electric Wiza/strong>

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Genre: Stoner, Doom Metal
wesomewesome stoner doom metal with some of the best guitar tones I've ever heard, so deliciously fuzzy. I need to listen to some more of their albums but so far they are pretty damn great. Check out: Come My Fanatics... (1997) and Dopethroneg>(2000)

Favourite Album: Elvenefris </stronga Aflame

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artist - eminem, album - exodus. bob marley , song - everlong , foo fighters :)

15.08.2019 19:00

Everlong is one of the few Foo Fighters songs I know, it's good :)

15.08.2019 19:27

great band :)

15.08.2019 19:28

Artist - Elbow
Album - Eraser (The) by Thom Yorke
Track - Edie (Ciao Baby) by The Cult

15.08.2019 21:47

elbow was my second choice :) great band , but eminem is a modern day genius i think

15.08.2019 21:51

Actually Eminem would be higher up than Elbow for me too but I wanted to be different! :P

17.08.2019 07:40

This is not my favourite band starting with the ‘E’ but is one of those that came to my mind and wished to share it with you:
El Perro Del Mar
Fight For Life

15.08.2019 22:04

Not something I would normally have on my radar but pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.

16.08.2019 14:49

E-Zee Possee - Everything Starts With An E 😆

Yeah and anything by Efemby, Electrostatic Nightmare Disco, EthanolADDiKts or elbrujo...they’re all from EMA 😉

15.08.2019 22:19

Favourite band: Emperor
Favourite Album: Experience, The Prodigy
Favourite Song: Eclipse, Pink Floyd

15.08.2019 22:44

In the Nightside Eclipse is probably my favourite black metal album, Emperor are a great choice.

Anything from TDSOTM by Pink Floyd is a solid pick!

16.08.2019 09:34

Sad as it may seem but ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) was one of my fav bands , Out of the Blue Album.....
Not Metal tho...Metal Mmmmm , wasnt a big metal fan if im honest....

15.08.2019 22:53

There's nothing wrong with ELO. Great songs and production. I still love them.

16.08.2019 07:22

I fondly remember making the UFO model that came with one of their albums (I think it was Out Of The Blue actually). Not sad at all, I loved them back then!

17.08.2019 07:39

We done D? Did DNPQ get a mention? :D

15.08.2019 22:57

I would’ve mentioned you mate, but only caught onto this when it was at E 😁

16.08.2019 22:11

For E,
favourite band: eels
Favourite album: English Electric by Big Big Train
Favourite song: Everlong by Foo Fighters

Well those are what spring to mind right now.

16.08.2019 07:24

Favourite band: The Eden House
Favourite album: Eyes Open - Snow Patrol
Favourite song: Elevation - Infected Mushroom

16.08.2019 16:10

Haven't heard of any of these, thanks for sharing!

17.08.2019 08:48

Eric Gayles
Song- Watcha Gon' Do

17.08.2019 11:30