My Spotify Shuffle #1 - Plug in Baby by Muse

Been busy lately so I thought of this as a quick thing to do every/every other day and hopefully it will have some interaction! I'm shuffling my "Favourites" playlist, which has over 1,400 songs in it, I just add every song I enjoy a lot.

Plug in Baby was the lead single from Muse's sophomore album, Origin of Symmetry, releasing on 5th March 2001, with the album releasing on 17th July 2001. Plug in Baby peaked at number 11 in the UK singles chart, a record for the band at the time.

Like a lot of Muse songs, the intro here is incredible with a brilliant riff leading into the first verse. Matt Bellamy's vocals are at some their best of his career throughout the song with some beautiful falsettos and the driving chorus riff is also excellent. I'm a fan of the solo too. Great song!

Thanks for reading! What do you think of this song?

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Absolutely love this song!! Brilliant live too!

Wow I thought I had a lot of songs on my main playlist but you win that one!

24.09.2019 21:02