Awesome sci-fi/space album artwork

There seems to be a theme with a lot of technical death metal album artwork being space-themed. I certainly have no problem with this and a lot of them look really awesome. A few of my favourites:

All of Fallujah's albums have this really cool sort of 'transcendence' theme going on with people in the sky and in space which I'm a big fan of:

I love the overwhelming purple on this cover by The Faceless:

Irreversible Mechanism go really hard into the sci-fi aspect:

This one has a very intimidating-looking (and pretty awesome) monster:

And finally, I just really like the colours used here:

Thanks for reading! Do you like how these covers look? Share your favourite album artwork (doesn't have to be space themed!)!

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any marillion art work from the fish era , or fish solo albums, all painted by hand by mark wilkinson, with concepts by fish , and they all tell the story of the albums content :)



16.09.2019 12:59

That is really cool! The first one is definitely my favourite. Thanks for sharing!

16.09.2019 13:06

yeah thats some painting hey :)

16.09.2019 15:06

I love album artwork being as I grew up when vinyl was the only way to buy music.

Hard to choose favourites but I always love the Iron Maiden covers featuring their mascot "Eddie" (named because he is a head or "ed").

16.09.2019 17:32