Joy and Peace Coloring Page

I published my third coloring book recently and here is the first page I colored from the book (joy and peace coloring page). As you can see I used this page as the cover photo. I don't like to plan too much when I color and just let it flow. I know some people put so much emphasis on shading and stuff and that's great but to me I want coloring to be stress-free and I don't want that to spoil the fun. So I just grabbed my pencils and colored away. Here are the progress photos:
joy and peace coloring page

joy and peace coloring page

I scanned the completed page and added the wordings digitally.

joy and peace colouring page

Here's the original coloring page available in my Quirky! Flora and Fauna Adult Coloring Book. 

joy coloring page

This book is also available in digital version (PDF). You can get it here: Quirky! Flora and Fauna Adult Coloring Book.

What do you think of this joy and peace coloring page? 

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