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I wrote about applying for Redbubble Fan Art Program way back in September in this post. And guess what, all my six submissions were approved, including this Jake the Dog fan art! That was a while ago though and I managed to make some sales. Not much but I am thrilled.

bout a week ago, some rep from TeePublic contacted me via email after seeing my Adventure Time fan art and he invited me to set up my fan art store in TeePublic. Now, TeePublic belongs to Redbubble too, which means the company has two separate marketplaces under two different names. TeePublic was acquired by RedBubble sometime last year, I think. I was a bit reluctant because I don't want to stretch myself thin by operating several stores but after thinking about it, why not? I plan to shut down my Etsy store in 2020 after all my current listings expire. The overhead cost to maintain the listings is a bit too much for me with meager sales I am making so there really is no point continuing to flog a dead horse. I don't have to pay anything to maintain my Redbubble, TeePublic, and Amazon stores, yet they still generate some passive income for me. So I am going to focus more on these 3 stores for the upcng year.

nyway,ay, here is my first Adventure Time design that was approved by CaNetwork.

centercenter>Jake The Dog Fan Art


center>Jake The Dog Fan Art



You can find this cute Jake the Dog fan art in both of ng>

Redbubble and TeePublic.



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That is SO CUTE!!!! I am not at ALL surprised that it was approved! Congrats!

09.12.2019 15:09