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I am @colonier.I am from Bangladesh. Now,I am runing my studies. I am studying class eleven means inter1st years.I am commerce stream learner . I passed jsc 2017and ssc 2020.My school name is halaisar Nandansar high school, Shariatpur district,Naria thana my college name is Nariya govet college in shariatpur ,Dhaka. My father is a farmer and he is a social worker.And my dad involve many kind of social work.My mother's name is Umme taniya and she is a housewife.five members of my family.My home is Shariatpur district and nariya Thana Bangladesh .I live in shariatpur, dhaka.


My Hobbes:
My first hobby was cycle riding.When I was little, I used to watch Dad ride a cycle.From then on, my desire slowly developed in me I also love to visit river. Because my house beside river side. When I was admitted to the college , my father bought me a hero cycle .My second hobby is listening to music.I usually prefer to listen to bangla songs.I usually listen to English songs late at nigh.


Sometimes I go to the roof of my house to listen to tamil songs and have tea.Being my third hobby is reading books.I usually like to read Franch novels. I usually read books written by Hamd sofha books in my free time.Another hobby of mine is gardening)

My School Campus

Computer course: I am learning computer course this pandemic situation computer course is essential for every students. without computer training, we can't get a good for this reason I learn computer, This course is not tough or easy, patience is too much important here. without patience we can not succeed this course.

How know about steemit side

Few years past, my best friendĀ @nm-najmultold me about steem side. He introduce the opportunity of the platform. I got encouraged from his speech. Actually, I like to share my everyday tasks with my friends. I seem Steem Bangladesh can assist me in this content. I show great respect to steem Bangladesh. I will be grateful working with steem. I also thank my

My future planeI would like to worke this steemit side I am students I need some money for myself. I will be a good steemiter.Than future I will be a business man please everyone pray for my so that i can fill up my dream

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