Do The King's Business

Jesus is the king of all kings and the Lord of Lords. When we come to jesus we don't come before the one who was beaten and crucified but the king of kings. As a king he wants us to do his business. This king called Jesus has a business.

As a christian you must do God's business. This business is soul winning. The greatest thing on the heart of the father is soul winning business.
God wants to see lives saved and souls won into his kingdom.

No one is exempted from thr kindom. business,ones you are a christian you part of it. It is therefore wrong for people to think that soul winning business is the work or the responsibility of evangelists.

We are called by God to carry out thr divine mandate of reaching out to the lost and saving them at all cost.

The only time we have is now, and we shouldn't be slotful in business.

Our attitude towards the king's business must be a serious one, it should be as how we approach our daily business.

With the King's business the first requirement is haste; haste which means urgent, we should be like an ambulance trying to save a dying person when it comes to winning souls. We can't just watch whiles many are led astray.

It also requires serious attention- The king's business requires serious attention. Give no excuse, you shouldn't have any reason for not doing the king's business.

One of the things which happens in the course of doing the king's business is discomfort, you will not get the comfort xpu need as ypu do God's business but you've got to do it anyway. Nothing should deter us from doing the king's business.

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That is really true, Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords let's adore him.

02.12.2019 08:29