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Hello guys are you all doing?? Today I will discuss a new project the name is socialnft project.. socialnft best project at this moment. .I hope social nft bright futures. Everything is fine of this project. Ok let's discuss the main topics . social media Platform where share their content and interest with other users. But along with the development of technology now it's social media is not only a platform to interact but also as a platform that could provide users with income.. it's what social nft is trying to offer which is a platform where individuals can create digital collectibles of their likes that are security by a blockchain based on the BSC protocol. It's unlimited conversation platform where you get everything that benefits & rewards together. In it's ecosystem the social nft marketplace makes non fungible token nft easy & secure access you may use it's to upload social media image & general nft In a secure & decentralised manner. Media user may now create passive money from social media & have another platform to publish on thanks to nft product & services that we share on platform or social media platforms were frequently regular & are primarily management & controlled by the products for sale trade & to claim ownership is almost for sale trade & to claim ownership is almost always greater than everyone social media marketplace nft allowing influenced celebrate or others to upload mint & made money using their digital modern content,here users may also become collector of digital items from theirs favourite social media personality,that is a social media nft platform that allows everyone to easily & security create buy & sell nft token . undoubtedly this platform is very multiple with unique trait's so hurry up & join this amazing opportunity project.



Nft s are token use represent ownership of one of kind items ,so social media token are based on the principal of the ownership economy which holds that it's community shall be more valuable at everyday than it's today creator can monetize their work as a non fungible token nft or social media token & support can reciprocate by giving something in exchange for their support people can buy & sell nft in an expanding marketplace for the appropriate items some are exclusive & required invitation before they can begin selling,where others are open to brand collaboration.


🌵 Network Fees — SNFT is the core base digital currency for paying the transaction charges.

🌵 Governance — SNFT is often used to vote on policy-making referendums on governance. SNFT token holders can participate in the SOCIAL NFT ecosystem policy-making process by voting with SNFT. The more SNFT, a holder has, the more and more power to vote they have.

🌵Payment — The Primary exchangeable counter digital currency is SNFT for all trades on the Marketplace.

🌵 Fees — All fees for the NFT Marketplace applications, including listing fees are paid with SNFT.

🌵 Rewards — Rewards distributed and contributed to all uses will be denominated in SNFT.

🌵Membership — In addition to engaging in governance, SNFT token holders would enjoy other rights and protections within the ecosystem, which non-holders will not have access to. For example SNFT holders.


Social nft marketplace is revolution that nft social nft marketplace by connecting an nft marketplace with social media outlets it's provide social media users & business a platform to se their image to Eran passive income security with blockchain technology social nft user binance smart chain BSC bep -721 protocol social nft marketplace promising to promote this technology to maintasnze audies & to give everyone the ability to invest in NFT ownership as well as to expand a vibrant ecosystem.


Whitepaper: https://wpdf/Whitepaper.pdf


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