Doctailor; The next big Innovation in the Smart Contract/Crypto Industry

Blockchain and smart contracts will fundamentally change our societal systems and structures. They will significantly redistribute power and wealth. That’s the decentralizing function of blockchain. Few industries will be untouched. And, yes, even contract lawyers (also called corporate lawyers or business lawyers) will be impacted.

Business attorneys (this one included) will need to adapt our roles as smart legal contracts become more prevalent in the business world. This will create friction and turnover, driving certain lawyers out of the business. The internet did that, as well. That’s what change does. It clears out the stale and stalled, ushering in the new. What it won’t do, at least not in my lifetime, is significantly change the overall opportunity in law as a profession. Different, yes. Reduced, not much. Let me offer up some reasons why.

DocTailor is a unique and automated legal document platform that facilitates the creation and distribution of smart legal documents on the blockchain. DocTailor has been designed to simplify the implementation of smart contracts, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with users. DocTailor has been developed by experienced team of blockchain, new breakthrough technology and new revolutionary ways. Many team developers have joined DocTailor from background in artificial intelligence (AI), working to develop ideas through AI-focused systems.

DocTailor aims to

  • Increase accessibility of smart contracts that are customized
  • Increase the convenience of intelligent contract development, acquisition and distribution
  • Offer easy payment options, save cryptocurrency and fiat money
  • Facilitating the use of DocTailor DOCS tokens and / or other cryptocurrency
  • Operate based on P2P, B2C and B2B as needed
  • Integrate with business infrastructure to deliver value to real world situations
  • Manage and monitor smart contracts and blockchains used

The introduction of the DocTailor platform coincides with increasing concerns about the low level of adoption of blockchain technology. Reports show that around 40% of senior executives do not understand how the blockchain can benefit their business or industry, citing little or no knowledge of technology. Until now, it seems that the blockchain adoption rate varies significantly by sector.

Token Details

The DocTailor has its own cryptocurrency called DOCT, which can be used to access other pay-as-you (PAYG) points and functions. This Ethere-based cryptocurrency meets the ERC20 standard. Users can use this service to obtain individual legal documents and other functions that have not been integrated into the platform.
If you use DOCT tokens instead of paper money, the company will add extra time to your account and give you access to exclusive templates and documents.

Platform Name: DocTailor
Ticker: DOCT
Type: ERC20
Total tokens: 500,000,000,000 DOCT
Decimals: 8
Cobtract: 0xdf775e8cdd0e78e5b4040eb5ac94535849e3f184

IEO Details
Date: July 20th 2019 to September 20th 2019
IEO’s Token Supply: 500,000,000,000
Price: $ 0.97
Hard Cap: $ 10,000,000

In addition, the company will also give partial awards to users with incentives received from the income and benefits of users and owners of tokens. The company will produce 500 million (500,000,000) DOCT tokens, which will be distributed as follows:
50 million is reserved for the first user in pre-sales
50 million will be reserved for ICO bonuses
100 million will remain with DocTailor
300 million will be offered for sale tokens
DOCT holders token can change it with BTC and ETH. 1ETH will be equivalent to 2,700 DOCT tokens.
So, the count of ICO from DOCT, which is included for cryptoinvestors who want to invest in unique cryptocane.
Public ICO First 10 days 20% 30% Bonus Bonus
Second 10 days 10% Bonus 20% Bonus
The remaining 5% Bonus is 15% Bonus
ICO now lives to receive bonuses of up to 30%.

DOCT token uses

Token Holders: The company will distribute quarterly 5 percent of total revenue from the platform to all DOCT token holders. The owners are free to change their prizes for Doctailor tokens to DOCT or ETH.
Business users. Businesses in all sectors can use DOCT for safe and secure cryptocurrency adoption.
Crypto: Cryptonions users can also use DOCT tokens to use services on the platform. For example, they can send cryptocurrency on websites, in physical stores and for services.
User Platform: If you are a lawyer and use this platform, you can use it to create smart contracts that make custom laws that extend right functionality and create business opportunities. At the same time, tokens also allow you to get the copyright income they choose so that their documents can be offered to other users who are looking for similar requirements.

How can you produce through DocTailor?

If you want to make money with DocTailor, you need to make smart and individual contracts and agreements on the platform, and then share this document with other users who are looking for documents with the same conditions and conditions.
If you don’t know which one is better to invest, you can learn how to invest in closing ICO, and it becomes clear that the platform will revolutionize the legal industry with the integration of functions that distinguish ICO from other ICOs (such as the Kelt Bunnytoken DateCoin in the modern crypto world.

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