C Estate; Where Blockcahain Meets Real Estate

C Estate is a Philippines base Real estate company operating on blockcchain.

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Unit 805 One Global Place
5th Avenue Corner 25th Street
BGC, Taguig City, Philippines 1630

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+632 8553-8270 to 72
+632 8889-1458

Blockchain technology has recently been adopted and adapted for use by the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. CRE executives are finding that blockchain-based smart contracts can play a much larger role in the industry. Blockchain technology can potentially transform core CRE operations such as property transactions like purchase, sale, financing, leasing, and management transactions.

The decentralized-record-keeping technology, which is designed to instill trust in the authenticity of digital transactions, could be used to create efficient solutions for both commercial and residential real estate — from buying property to conducting due diligence to enabling crowd-sourced investments, and more.

C Estates connects people around the world to seamlessly transact and conveniently buy and sell real estate properties. Whether to verify a document, confirm notarization, validate asset’s ownership, buy or sell a property or finding someone to manage properties, C Estates has got everything you need to do your business in one place.

TERU SUMIDA the Founder, Chairman & CEO of C Estate is an expert in the real estate business with over 14years of experience both I real estate and in online gaming ( operation, Japan & Philippines), he is also currently Chairman and CEO Capitarise.

C Estate Mission
To make real estate transactions easy and accessible to everyone.

C ESTATES offers a complete ecosystem solution that includes listing, tokenization of real estate properties and marketplace for property investors, brokers, buyers, and sellers. Through digital ledgers from blockchain technology, transactions are recorded permanently together with its activities and, all the changes are tracked through digital footprints.

The benefits of C ESTATES platforms should be obvious. It allows people to see different types of homes quickly and without leaving the comfort of their current home. If they like what they see, they may even buy the house outright without going through the formality of a live tour.

It’s worth mentioning that C ESTATES online platforms allow buyers and sellers to track property prices in different communities. These platforms use the latest Blockchain Technology and tracking software to provide their audience with fast updates on the latest home prices in their community.

Not only does this feature allow home people to find better deals, but it also offers a certain degree of transparency, because most buyers and sellers want to know the fair value price for different types of properties.

Property management is highly complex, with many stakeholders involved — including landlords, property managers, tenants, and vendors.

Most properties are currently managed either offline through manual paperwork, or through multiple software programs that generally don’t integrate well with one another.

Through the use of a single decentralized application that uses blockchain-backed smart contracts, the entire property management process, from signing lease agreements to managing cash flow to filing maintenance requests, can be conducted in a secure and transparent manner

Tokenization is a brand new blockchain-powered process that allows the actual value of real-world properties to be converted into tokens that are part of a blockchain.

Tokenization of assets is in principle a process of transferring the actual amount of an asset into numerous parts, each of which is owned by individuals who can’t possibly afford the price of the whole asset. The value of the individual holding is represented by digital tokens which can be traded on a token exchange platform to earn the desired amount. Real estate is considered one of the most lucrative assets an investor can possibly own. This is because of the consistent cash flow, security and value appreciation associated with real estate.

Tokenization refers to the process of using blockchain-based tokens to represent ownership in an asset. The conventional process of buying and selling of properties is generally a long drawn process. Therefore, Blockchain App Factory is here with its team of dedicated professionals who can help with tokenizing your properties. Tokenized real estate is a good source of obtaining faster funds.

As real estate is one of the illiquid assets, the process of tokenization can help bring in some liquidation. Tokenization thus ensures faster selling of properties and allows investors to buy real estate in fragments. The token can represent ownership in an asset, equity or interest in debt and a whole lot of cash inflows! Blockchain App Factory is one of the pioneers of blockchain technology that can help you with tokenization of real estate asset.

The Adoption and the Unlock Potentials of Blockchain Technology
​Blockchain technology has significant potential to drive transparency, efficiency, and cost savings for Commercial Real Estate (CRE) owners by removing many of the existing inefficiencies in key processes. CRE companies and industry participants evaluating an upgrade or overhaul of their current systems should have blockchain on their radar as its demonstrated usefulness has the ability to bring significant value to the industry.

Platform Features

Buying: Select a wide array of properties from different owners and contact them directly.

Retail: Announce your property for rent or receive your rental fees with XCET coins.

Showcase: Showcase your property ready for bidding or for sale.

Land Banking: Provides online marketing tools for landowners to showcase their undeveloped land to attract more audience and investors from the crypto world.

Selling: List your property for sale in the marketplace once offline verification and validation have been completed.

Time-Sharing: Provides online marketing tools for property owners who need to offer their time sharing properties in our marketplace.

C Estate IEO

The C Estate token sales is currently on goin at latoken, to participate please follow the link htts://exchange.latoken.com/ieo/xcet.

⚡️⚡️Don't miss your chance to get XCET tokens with bonus⚡️⚡️


  • First Round: 277,777,777 XCET
    Token Price: $0.012 USD
    First 5,000 participants of worth 500 USD and Up 40% Token Bonus
  • Second Round: 277,777,777 XCET
    Token Price: $0.016 USD
    Next 10,000 participants of worth 500 USD and Up 25% Token Bonus

Third Round: 277,777,777 XCET
Token Price: $0.020 USD
Succeeding participants of worth 500 USD and Up 15% Token Bonus.

XCET is the native utility token that will be used for any transactions within the C Estates platform. There will only be 8,999,999,999 XCET to be created, never to be increased.

IEO Hard Cap:38,000,000 USD

Total Token Supply 8,999,999,999 XCET

Initial Circulating Supply35% of the total token supply

IEO Token Price0.012 USD

IEO Allocation3,149,999,999.65 XCET (35% of Total Token Supply)

IEO Vesting Period: No lockup

Seed Sale Token Price 1 XCET= 0.006 USD

Seed Sale Allocation> 2% of the total token supply

Seed Sale Vesting Period> 1/5 unlocked in the fourth month after
Token Generation Event.

Remaining> 4/5 unlocks 1/5 every quarter over 15 months.

Token Type>NEM Mosaic

To know more about CESTATES project follow the links below.
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🔗 Twitter => https://twitter.com/cestates_io
🔗 Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/cestates.io/
🔗 Telegram => https://t.me/cestates_io
🔗 Medium => https://www.medium.com/@cestates
🔗 Linkedln => https://www.linkedin.com/company/cestates-inc
🔗 Reddit => https://www.reddit.com/user/cestates_officia

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