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2local Platform Review

The sustainable development goals of the UN serve as a guideline, 2local endorses all objectives but mainly wants to contribute to a world without poverty and hunger and with good health and well being. Clean water, sanitation, and affordable and sustainable energy are indispensable. It is about reducing inequality with responsible consumption and production.


2local is an innovative blockchain-powered platform that encourages growth and prosperity for everyone in the world. It serves as a convenient market place for consumers to connect with companies that produce local and up to the notch goods and services. Using their native L2L stablecoins, consumers can receive a cashback for their local and sustainable purchases.

We are not looking for a utopian economy, but an economy that takes into account all dimensions of its people: the social, ecological and economic realms. Following the recommendations of many scientific and policy reports, we look for solutions with a local approach. Using modern cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology, we want to make local and sustainable products accessible, so that prosperity can be achieved for everyone.


The vision of 2local is to make local and sustainable purchases accessible and work towards a society that acknowledges the cultural differences between people. One key way we increase access for all is requiring only Euro 2,50 to participate. This ensures more diverse involvement, inviting a range of people to engage with each other and their local societies.

2local wants to give every individual a place in a new World wide economy of the future, one that is more local, less hectic and overall happier. We will consume less and differently, fixating not on economic growth, but on sustainable development and prosperity. We will not strive for more, but for better.

Business Objectives

  • Becoming a Non-Profit foundation for L2L tokens. Profits are then distributed among the participants in the cashback system.
  • Developing cashback, backed by an algorithm, with an associated website and app.
  • Creating a website marketing where supply and demand for sustainable products meet.

Inquest for Saving the planet and fighting against poverty, 2local works on corporate objectives and strategies and sets marketing objectives. The trademark is registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property 2local® is a ‘registered trademark’.

Business Strategies:

  • Use the market and network for knowledge and services.
  • Leverage a lean and agile way of working to achieve as much as possible with the least resources.
  • Establish partnerships with companies and institutions that have a sustainability principle.

Marketing Objectives:

  • Reach as many IEO investors, sustainable companies and consumers as possible and get them involved.
  • Tailor the operation of the token, app and website as much as possible to the needs of participants and the market.
  • Build up 2local image of sustainability and prosperity for everyone.

Put 2local community on the map. Generate awareness of the 2local brand.

2Local aims to provide a convenient and comfortable market place for consumers to connect effectively and efficiently with the companies that produce local and/or sustainable goods and services.

Unique Selling Points For Companies:

  • Free advertising and exposure through the marketplace website.
  • Cashback system ensures an increased number of customers and customer loyalty with no extra cost.
  • No bank charges and depreciation as with fiat money.
  • Boost image: save the planet and fight poverty.

    Companies that can prove that they produce locally and sustainable can get a 2local note in their wallet. This allows people who buy from them to receive L2L tokens that can be exchanged for coins up to a certain maximum.

Token Information

Ticker: L2L

Platform: Stellar

Token Type: Utility

Available for sale: 182,000,000 L2L

Total supply: 21,000,000,000 L2L

Token Sales Details

Pre-sale Price : 1 L2L = 0.12 EUR

ICO Price: 1 L2L = 0.12 EUR

Accepting: FIAT, BTC, ETH, XLM.

Soft cap: 350,000 USD

Hard cap: 4,000,000 USD

Bonuses: Pre Sale bonus: 70%

Main Sale Bonus: 30%

When using the 2local marketplace, Buyers can also buy environmentally friendly and fresh products and get back a percentage of the purchase, which facilitates the subsequent purchase process. To solve problems around 2Local around the world, customers will shop with local companies using the L2L token.


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