Random Bot Post by @coininstant, Random Image Link Testing?!!

Getting paid to test code? Maybe...?!! This post created with beem by @coininstant. Here is a random image uploaded with beempy image:x
Sorry for all the posts, it is one step t a time and I nneded to test in real time get these silly little brackets & markups into the posst without messing up the script. Down to the last one. Hopefully that's all I need to move onto the next step.

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hey bud i see your still here
i have been away for a while
how is the fight going with the spiders buddy lol

26.08.2019 02:20

Thanks for checking in. The fight is still going, ongoing instead of onboarding! It is what it is.

26.08.2019 02:43

keep your head up bud and dont let the jerkoffs bother you
they are worth less than zero anyways
have a great day man and keep on with the plants they look great

26.08.2019 14:11